JOTY 2021 Discussion

Any picks thus far?

I think 4/30 Kabump gets a nod (twice). Also my bias opinion is that 5/1 puppet belongs on the list for now. I haven’t listened to any other UM than those two nights this year, so feel free to point me in the right direction.

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If we can count Wrapped In the Round shows:

2/4 2x2
4/30 Kabump
5/1 Wappy (this was my favorite jam even though I haven’t seen much love for it)

If you could include 4/30 Bridgeless > 5/1 JO > 5/1 Bridgeless (end) that would be pretty sweet since the improv both nights between the start and finish is top tier


Bro we can’t even listen to those

Eta you’re probably talking about the “kris” basement thing

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We’re there any tapers in Atlanta? They’re not up on Archive, at least not yet.

Hmmm Wappy didn’t stick out on first listen. I’ll give it another shot. I really agree with @Whinergetsnothing about the Puppet. Great jam. And I dig the 1348 as well…but no one here is gonna agree because it’s white boy funk

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Just pick whatever jam sounds like a cshore jam and that’s my vote. Idk I haven’t listened to any um from this year

I haven’t relistened to N2 yet so I probably need to double check. But was also a big fan of the 1348 and Puppet

Yeah the Wappy is my favorite jam of the weekend. Pure psychedelic madness. Has a kind of 11/2/96
Crosseyed and painless phish vibe to it. These atl shows are very good.


Yea wappy didn’t stick out, I’ll have to listen again.


Kabump was my favorite jam of the weekend, but enjoyed 5/1 more as a show. Kabump, Puppet, and Wappy are the jams that stuck with me the most after the shows. Both Bridgeless segments were pretty fun, too, and Suxity > Linear was way better than I would have expected it to be on paper.

I remember liking the NN > Higgins a lot in the moment live, but would need to listen back because I don’t remember it much now.


I really dug the NN too.

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Ok, so gave 5/1 another listen. I think I was just so high on that Puppet I didn’t give Wappy a fair shot. It definitely slays… especially the second half of the jam. Joel’s work is pretty incredible throughout, switching from the clean keys to the synth “peak”. And BB fucking crushes this one. It’s definitely prime “loose” UM…everyone seems like they’re just doing their own thing and somehow it comes out fairly cohesive. @Tottengus said it perfectly… psychedelic madness. Love it.

The abrupt segue into Floor actually works extremely well. This show is a perfect example of locked in UM.

Puppet jam is still probably my fav…although it’s cut a bit short. I’ll take that brand of dark scary UM any day. Speaking of, this probably belongs on the Spooky UM playlist.

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Also, yes Stasik is MVP of the weekend. Dude was another planet…must’ve been all that practice with DF :wink:. But Joel is really standing out to me in these shows as well. He worked the fuck out of that rig. The subtle Hammond layers in the JO really paint a beautiful mental picture for me. High af, taking a summertime stroll in the early '70s.

Anyway, I’m high and rambling. Back to the discussion. Puppet is JOTY

I am agreeing with @StoneJackBaller. I’d boof this puppet jam for sure.

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The kabump is dope. Long, luscious, patient UM. It’s probably technically/musically better than the Puppet. But imo boring. That Puppet punches me right in the dirty wook feels. I party so hard when UM gets gangster like that.

It hit me on an emotional level

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Kabump and Puppet produced the two best jams, but I have been stuck on that “jimmy stewart” > Bridgeless. Its my personal favorite of the weekend.

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Is anyone else bothered by the static in the beginning of the JO?


The bridgeless jam from that show (not the jo > end bridgeless) was a pretty disappointing and boring blues jam. I’d say that’s my only complaint from the whole run.

The boys are back and I’m STOKED for new haven.

I thought I was hearing some static both nights during certain parts of the show.

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