Jason Isbell

A place to discuss one of the best songwriters alive. New single “Be Afraid” is out now, the new album “Reunions” due out May 15.


Billy Strings opening for him on the West Coast stretch of the tour taboot

Summer tour, may have to spring for tickets.

Can’t believe he opened for Brandi Carlisle

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Between Sturgill having Tyler Childers open, and Jason Isbell having Billy Strings, I’m beyond excited for these shows.

I thought sturgil/Childers was billed as a coheadlining show , no?

You are correct.

Was it? I thought the tour was marketed as: with special guest Tyler Childers

When it was first announced I was under the impression it was dual headliners but you are right about how it’s billed. With Sturgill playing only 3 or 4 songs of each album and then playing the entire abomination that is Sound and Fury you oughta put Childers name on the top.

It’s billed as “A Good Look’n Tour with special guest Tyler Childers”.

New Isbell single is underwhelming but I still have the vinyl preordered. One of the best songwriters alive.

One thing that I think is a bit unfortunate is that through Isbell’s rise in the public eye starting with Southeastern, his previous work has kind of been ignored or forgotten by a lot of people. Sirens of the Ditch, 400 Unit S/T, and Here We Rest have a lot of gems on them and are musically a little more adventurous. Not arguing they’re better than the Southeastern->onward discography, but I feel like there are a lot of people who consider themselves Isbell fans that don’t know those albums well.

I’ve actually been listening to those first few solo records recently. Hadn’t heard 400 Unit S/T. Interesting record. Really diverse compared to the more recent ones

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Actually listening to Sirens of the Ditch right now. Love this album. Haven’t heard a lot of the older 400 unit stuff however, so definitely going to listen today beginning with S/T.

Enjoyed the album, but damn Last Song I Will Write is such a good tune.

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Just bought my tickets for the Grand Rapids show, amazing how a pair of $56 tickets becomes $147. Fuck Ticketmaster!!!

Anyway, front row of the gallery, which I believe is like a side balcony. Pretty excited to share a night of seeing him with my wife again. It’s been quite a few years.

Pretty stoked he is opening for Chris Stapelton at Wrigley. I honestly am more excited for Isbell.

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New song “What’ve I Done to Help” is streaming now

Not sure how I feel about it… Not really a fan of the chorus. I thought, for sure, when it got to 3min and there was still 3:30 left that we’d get some sort of cool breakdown/jam, but it was just the same thing until the last 30 sec… Did enjoy groove/phrasing in the verses though.