Jams the bort literally never talks about

I want to hear those random jams from those random shows we literally never have talked about.

Penalty points for excessive Jake

Bonus points for Bayliss riffs

What’s that weird cshorey jam from 02?

What’s that random jam that had an amazing unique segment but just wasn’t long enough to add to a outstanding versions thread?

I can’t contribute because I’m a filthy casual.

Thanks in advance

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Nice thread idea

11/12/2004 - Triple Wide


Love Myers’ “musical” playing with the toms right around 4mins. I fucking love the way his kit sounded in 2004. At least on the sbds

11/04/11 Resolution

07/16/10 BLBC>MTM

07/07/10 Synco

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2/9/13 Tribute to the Spinal Shaft - not gonna say anything because I dont want to spoil how nice this jam is.

Oh finally, a thread for me to type up all of my favorite heavily attendance-biased jams.

Intentions Clear from scamp 2019 was awesome and underrated. I’m sure a big part of it was the ominous black storm rolling through in the background, lightning off in the distance. You could feel the intensity of the energy in the air. Very humid, felt like the sky was going to open up and absolutely unleash on us. If that storm hit Three Sisters it would have done some damage. Joel’s eerie atonal key part really fit the moment, and Jake’s heavy (power?) chords he’s playing really help build the suspense.

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1994-05-07 Tweezer

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Hahaha…never heard anyone mention that before


One that @cryan024 turned me on to,
6/6/08 reso

Real heat. Everyone talks about the ic -> synco from the night prior, but that reso fucks


2/2/2012 Phil’s Farm
11/9/05 Roulette
2/2/2010 Atmosfarag
8/31/2006 Atmosfarag
6/26/2015 Made to Measure
6/27/2015 JaJunk
3/12/2010 Spires

3/4/17 AIT. Show opening jam with 3 distinct sections. Not very long but one of my favorites.

Not even the best Made to Measure that year IMO. Check out the 6/26/15 one.

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7/21/17 AIT. Very similar in nature. This show was off to an amazing start before it started to monsoon.

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The Des Moines one? That’s what I meant to post.

This is the jams that nobody talks about, not the outstanding versions of songs thread…

Bron gets it.

I’d love to see descriptions of what makes these jams unique and not just standard great.

07/05/14 Wappy

1/21/12 conduit

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4/18/13 No Comment, must be heard, absolutely gorgeous jam.

Love that one. I feel like we don’t hear a lot of multi part composed jams anymore (2010.07.30 and 2014.08.09 Mulches also both come to mind.)

Come to think of it, that whole Best Buy 2012 run has some really great jams that I don’t hear talked about much. Fir jam in a different part of the song (sorta), DBK middle eastern jam with Jake on slide, huge Domino lyrical, huge virtue, and bridgeless lyrical (got used in a song that I’m currently blanking on)

Damn I guess I should go listen to those shows…

Bad Friday is the show you are thinking of. Yea that run crushed I think it’s the lack of a huge standout jam that puts the blinders on for people. The IC> Voyager > WMM > forks segment is an all timer for me.