Is Umphrey's Cursed?

Is UM cursed? If so, what caused it?
While the past 13 months have been tough for everyone, does it not seem to you that Umphrey’s has had some rougher times than most? Major stream issues. Shows getting moved. Drummers catching Covid. Not being able to cancel Detroit. Moving stream dates and having to compete with the biscuits AND PPPP. NFTs. Has UM done something to anger the jam gods? While some of you may deny the existence of said gods, I think they have become cursed. I can tell you exactly when, too.

12/30/2019. A day that will live on as the beginning of the end for the loyal fans of the “jam” band Umphrey’s McGee. Things seem to be going good at first. The band is playing an improv set, despite finding a way to reduce the actual improv in the set even further by sticking ~4 minutes of composition in. Kyle Hollingsworth is sitting in and the dual keyboard attack of Joel CUMmins and Kyle is hitting all the right keys (heh). Watching the video, you can see it start to happen. Frowns, turns of neck, checks of the watch. Then the unthinkable…

The band forces Kyle off the stage to jump back into a composed song in an “improv” set. The jamgods abhor scenes like this. And thus everything that followed was set in motion to punish the band. It’s over now. Hop on the Goose train while you can so you can say “they were better in 2021” 10 years from now.


Y’all ate me the fuck up when I bitched about that Ringo set.

Anybody wanna buy my HOF?


Lol good stuff

They should be getting a major bUMp on the scene by having the opportunity to play with the drummer of Goose though.

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Did I miss the joke on this?

EDIT: it’s kind of like Detroit cancelled them.


Nah once we get through this COVID shit and things are back into normal it’ll be all good again. And we’ll keep arguing about UM vs Goose :joy:

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I came down with Covid for the first time a day after that Ringo set. So yeah they are cursed.

Damn dude, you were Patient 0 in the U.S.? Wild.


I mean…you could take this back to The Fort in 2015…the original #makinlemonade…or having to move the first Chucktown Ball venue the day prior.

Shit happens.

Phish had an entire festival canceled after many of the attendees had already made the drive, then their most popular camping event was shut down due to feral dogs carrying the bubonic plague.


Don’t forget the Iceland debacle. That’s what you get when you skip Alaska in favor of some foreign country that while beautiful, is half the size of Alaska and requires a passport.

Why the band hasn’t landed an Alaskan gig yet baffles me. Alaska in the summer for three nights would be so fresh.


Yeah but phish deserves to be cursed considering the boathouse incident


What’s the Iceland debacle? Canceling over Covid? I don’t really call that cursed considering every touring band had to cancel

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Slightly tongue in cheek, but please see:

Just felt like Alaska should’ve got dates before Iceland. Though Iceland is going to be sick for everyone going next year!


Until it’s canceled by COVID-21 tbh


Pretty sure Alaska got cancelled already along with Pontiac/Detroit

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So phish just announced normal shows July through October. Is Umphrey’s going to do normal shows? Or would they want to save themselves some embarrassment of not selling anything out ever again and just keep doing pod shows forever?


Give it time they’ll figure it out. Believe me i can’t wait till I go to a concert again. But I’ll trust UM and their process. I’ll just go with the “good things come to those who wait” philosophy.

I’m really confident the CA tour will move forward as planned.

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I’m pretty sure I have a wiltern ticket I need to get rid of. I wish that run happened last year