Into The Vault

Archives exist because there’s something that can’t necessarily be articulated. Something is said in the gaps between all the information. - Taryn Simon

With nearly 2500 shows in the rear view mirror, the archives continue to grow at a rapid pace. It’s often hard to find time to look back when so much awaits in the present and future. But as a break in touring presents itself, we’re pleased to glance over the shoulder and journey Into The Vault with a new video rental platform.

Kicking off the exploration is a look back at the five night New Year’s Run as 2014 gave way to 2015 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. This run truly had a little bit of everything with original and cover debuts, horns, a mini acoustic set, and even a band in bathrobes. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

While these five shows encapsulate a memorable highlight from the archive, this is only the beginning. We are slated to add a pile of new dates from the vault in the near future, available on demand on the device of your choice. All shows are just $5.99 (some discounted bundles will be available) and have a seven day viewing window from the time of purchase.

With more time to reflect than usual, we look forward to looking back with you and reliving some experiences together. Remember, objects in your rear view may be closer than they appear.

Seems kinda neat to go back and watch specific releases, but I want something further back. Phish is doing the same thing every Tuesday but free and they’re not going very far back either (3.0 shows only so far). Pink Floyd announced they’re doing something similar as well starting today at noon EST, starting with Pulse.

I dig all these releases but I want something truly archival. Give me a 2002 Umphrey’s, '94 Phish, or '69 Floyd show instead of things that happened recently


I like the idea, but I doubt I’ll spend $6 to watch a single show when I can go listen to it for free (or whatever I spend on nugs.)


For the most part I agree but there’s certain shows I would definitely pay $6 to watch. Do I think those shows will be the ones released? Probably not.

This could be cool if they start throwing up never before seen stuff like The Di$co Bi$cuit$


thanks for the heads up on the Pink Floyd release today! i hadn’t seen that announcement

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Great idea for the band to be able to bring in a small amount of $ during these times, and $6 is very reasonable. Definitely do some old shows too. Maybe some 2018 Red Rocks too?

Cool thing to offer, hopefully they expand it and include stuff from the pre Tour Gigs days. I’d be more inclined to rent something like All Good 09 than anything from the last 4-5 years.

All Good 2009 would be awesome. I used to have that iClips rip back in the day.


In my early UM fan days I used to listen to that Wappy > AIT religiously

My guess would be only tourgigs stuff because that’s what they already have hosted and can just throw up ondemand

I’m definitely going to buy one or two rentals - just to support the band. Remember that they can’t tour, sell merch at shows, etc. I’m happy to kick a few bucks their way in exchange for watching quality video of a good show.

So which show(s) out of the NYE '18 run are the best?

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Such an epic night.

What shows were lost to iclips? Would love to see those shows resurface

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The first few umbowls.


There was a whole run of 2009 shows 3/25-4/1.

I remember watching the Pageant show with the Plunger jam that turned into Remind Me.

Was at the 4/1 show which was pretty dank lots of good prov.


5/23/08 was an iclips’d show I believe. As was 4/5/08

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Tons from the late oughts. Practically every festival would have an iClips broadcast (SummerCamp, AllGood, Mountain Jam, Rothbury, etc), plus all the occasions UM had random show streams, plus some NYE runs and UMbowl every year.

I used to have tons of them recorded but lost them in a harddrive crash. Edit: Actually, I have an external they might be on. I should check.

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Anyone know what exactly happened to iClips? Did they just go under?

That was my impression. I remember it just disappearing without any warning or explanation.

I’ve got a handful of random streams on my dropbox. Last year’s Brooklyn Steel run, the last Calvin show, UMbowl VI (and the night after,) Binghamton 2014…