How many UM shows have you left early?

I’ve been kicked out of two (NoHo 2013 & Bend 2020) and left Hornings 2022 after the Small Strides jam. Usually I am one to stay till the end, but the vibe Saturday night compelled me to bail as they went into Phil’s. Just wasn’t feeling it the other night.


I’ve somehow never been kicked out of or left an um show early.


Got kicked out of House of Blues Myrtle Beach in '16 (I think).

Left the waka '14 show early. Left the Charleston '18 show early. Weather was terrible and show was terrible.


Only left during encores out of 131 shows


Also, how was summit overall?

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Strummit was really fun. Definitely oversold by 1,000+ tickets (like I heard Umphrey’s was only given ten guestlist spots) but I had a killer campsite with old and new friends and we had a blast. The weather was really solid; not too hot and plenty of shade to cool off when the sun was raging. I would go back there in a heartbeat. That was my third time at Horning’s. It really is a special place to host a festival.


Left my first show 6/30/07 early because the group I was with wanted to catch Perpetual Groove’s late night show, for which there was limited space. Not sure exactly when we left but it would have been somewhere in the FF > N2F reprise. We missed Panama and the Tinkles > Helicopters encore.

The only other I can recall sorta leaving early was the second night of Woodlands. I was driving back home after and when they started Silent Type for the encore I made my way back to my car. I could still hear it and got to my car right as it was finishing.

Along these lines, I also got into 1/25/13 pretty late. I was driving from a few hours or so away and left with plenty of time to even get there for the opener. However a snow/ice storm stopped the highway for like an hour or two, and the drive was slow the rest of the away. I got into the venue just in time for my first Pequod.

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I’ve never left an UM show early but I usually start contemplating bailing in the middle of the first set.


I’ve left a bunch of Um shows early. Basically any with a puppet sandwich in the encore is a good candidate for GTFO

Never left a UM show early either.

Although I have left the floor to go to the back and return back to the front during Upward.

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I leave during the encore all the time. Just usually ready to bounce from any show after 2 whole sets. My back be hurtin


I left the Aragon early in 2011. Wanted to get on the red line before the other 5k people there, and to get the fuck out of the Aragon.


Only shows I’ve left early have been summer camp sets when I’m trying to get to something else. Can’t remember specifics, but most of the time I’m prioritizing UM over any overlaps. The one that comes to mind was my first Summer Camp (and first time seeing UM) I left early during their Godboner set to go catch Aqueous.

Looked back - 2017 I definitely left UM early to get a good spot for Primus in the mud.


It felt like the WHOLE CROWD left during the encore break. I remember listening to Driven to Tears in a massive horde of people hootin and hollerin on the way to Primus.

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How on earth did you get kicked out of Bend? Who did you piss off?

EDIT - on topic, I left during the encore of Seattle 2012 only because of the ferry schedule back to Bremerton. Lesson learned - I drove to every UM Seattle show after that.

Never left or been kicked out. Except for Madison show number 1999, I did too many pinky dips. During set break I puked in the trash, just felt fucking terrible. Eric got me out of there and walked me back to the hotel and basically tucked me in. That morning they all came back and woke me up by stacking all the cushions and pillows on me. They’d been at a farmers market, all dosed up, and they brought a giant stalk of celery, and other Bloody Mary ingredients.

Never made the bloodys though

Also that’s the only show I ever left from being sick. This was my 2nd show, I was fucking pumped. Got a little carried away


Probably left a few early and got kicked out of NYE 2007 early due to a bad trip.

Not UM but I kicked myself out of a Rattata show in college. I was underage (pretty sure I was 20, close to 21) so I had plenty of friends feeding me alcohol. Anyway, got way too hammered even before they came on so rather than giving the First Ave security a chance to kick me out, I excused myself from the venue.

Hop on the bus back home and I’m not doing too hot. End up puking on myself. Take off my shirt and in my undershirt but that had puke on it too. So I take that off.

I get off early because the smell is unbearable. I’m also a TA for a freshman chemistry lab. Well, on my walk back (shirtless, carrying two shirts covered in my own vomit), I hear a group ahead approaching yelling, “Jonathan, is that you? Hey Jonathan!” That’s my full name and at the time the only people who called me that were my students and my family. So I sprinted across the street to avoid them and never once acknowledged any of them.

So much shame on Monday or Tuesday at lab.

EDIT: Rattata is a Pokémon, the band I guess is Ratatat. Or something like that.



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Left the MainStage show early too. Could hear fine from the camp site and it was where all the rest of my nose clams was. Needed to finish the bag for Claude and then the after party with ATL Jenny and I think Wetzle was there too.

Not sure I’ve left the venue early but I have been far enough gone to where I really wasn’t present. That count??

never left a show early. even when it was raining nonstop in central park.