How many UM shows have you left early?

That show never happened. Never showed up on nugs

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i’m sure you’re kidding but one taper was there:

but my point is… when do i get to go to shows? every show is a treat, especially after 2020. i never went to ANY kind of concert until I was 18… and that first show was… Phish at MSG in section 400. I had no idea what to expect, and me and my g.f. were kinda shocked that this was how people behaved. We left at setbreak and I’ve regretted it since then. So, yeah, my earlier comment was wrong, but since then I have never left a show early. :slight_smile: Unless I got kicked out for smoking weed.


How bad were the phish wooks behaving if you were that appalled

very bad. i had no idea what standard rock concert behavior was like, nevermind phish fan or MSG nosebleeds behavior. so i was shocked and appalled that people were smoking cigs, talking during the music, throwing their coats everywhere (this was 12/29/97 so it was winter outside), all kinds of bullshit that was taking me out. i think i would have had a better time if it’d at least know going in what the behavior could be, then i’d have put it out of my head a bit more. it was kinda fascinating that despite all that going on, everyone knew exactly when to yell FLUFF HEAD! at the Arrival section, and i had never heard that song before so it was pretty unexpected. This is why my kid has been to rock concerts now - first 2 They Might Be Giants shows and then Bethel1. :slight_smile: And he’s seen a lot of UM and tDB streams as well.