Home Improvement (Bort additions)

A place for any recs to improve the Bort.

I know @sociablehodor already mentioned something in the latest sheep game that I already forgot but I would love to have a Sheep sub thread.

And sigs

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Sub forum for sheep would help

I was thinking of moving political discussion out of chit chat as well, sheep forum is a good idea. sigs will happen


Thanks, this is a nice enhancement

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@jwelsh8 did you move political banter back in to chit chat by chance? I think most everyone agrees it should be a seperate forum so the threads don’t show up in normal chit chat. No big deal if so, just curious. I can switch it back

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Yeah, I may have messed that up as part of my poking around. Not sure how I did it, though . . .

Sorry about that.

No worries I will feex eet

did that lil hiatus scare yall?! :speak_no_evil: (it definitely scared me. had a brief "OH SHIT I FUCKED IT ALL " moment)


Were you erasing all record of UC5’s sheep win?

look we can react with emojis now (you all wanted to thumbs down, now you can thumbs down)

We also have signatures now but you need to enable them in your profile @StoneJackBaller

do GIFs work in sigs @root ??

dunno. should just render whatever markddown you put in it :man_shrugging:


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I tried linking a post so that the preview would show and someone could click it to go to that post, but it just shows the link.

Sig’s are nice I’m sure I’ll get used to them after a few hours of browsing.

I believe it turns the markdown in to a static image for your signature

Again, this software isnt designed for this. Just trying to appease the masses

Thanks @root, you rule.

We can do a one week trial of emoji reactions, and if they are universally hated we can delete them :man_shrugging:

I am not a fan of either of these new features from a UX standpoint

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