Listening to The Mountain for the first time in a long time.

Excited to see them in a week or two, but bummed they’re the first of 3… Can’t imagine they’ll get more than 30-45 min

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Wish I could’ve hit one of the headlining shows they are doing on this tour.


my personal favorite of their epics: took the entire debut Aquarius album and turned it into a 20 minute epic of a song.

Fuck yes quarentine.

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I’ve been going hard on the Haken recently. I’ll watch that in a bit

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Having aquamedley on YT finally allows me to share it with the homies. This was easily my favorite part of the live DVD.

play headless guitar --> get instant prog cred

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Pretty wild 24 hours in Haken land.

First they post the interlude section of The Architect done acoustically (with condiments and books and baskets as percussion). Then they release a full concert video from their 2019 London show BUT with a 10 second teaser of an unheard song at the end. Today I wake up with a full album “announcement” and a new track is going up on Spotify tonight at midnight.


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Apparently the Liner notes thanking fans on the past two albums (L-1VE and Vector) both thanks fans for “spreading the virus”. Love shit like that. Also Ectobius Rex = Cockroach King. mind blown

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oh fuck yeah.

Cheated and snatched a rip of the new song early. It is all over the place in a good way.

Nice. I tried to listen on my asian work VPN but couldn’t get to it yet. I guess I can wait until tomorrow

If you want the rip feel free to PM me your e-mail. Quality wise not the best, but good enough.

minuswell just wait at this point… Thanks though

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Album is delayed but at least a new song was released today!

Been listening to the leak of The Messiah Complex and the song really clicked with me tonight. What a band

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Finally have it (well a leak)! Carousel is a top 3 haken song after a couple listens.

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Virus is officially out finally!

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Is the end of Messiah Complex part IV supposed to be a call back to Cockroach King? Certainly sounds like it

Edit: Also a vocal callback earlier that I missed on my first listen

Messiah complex has call backs to host, puzzle box, cockroach king, crystallized, shapeshifter and prosthetic. It’s insane!

The whole album (and vector) are about the rise of the cockroach king.

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Looks like the Diego leaving rumors might be a bit more true. Serious lack of keyboards on the album and it turns out both Messiah complex and only stars keyboard parts were Pete Jones (former haken keyboardist and current Nova collective keyboardist).