Guitar teacher breaks down ‘Puppet String’ and is thoroughly impressed

Long, but definitely worth a watch. Popular YouTube account breaks down Puppet String (his first time hearing the song or the band itself) and is pretty blown away.

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*Shameless Disclaimer: Saw this on reddit and figured I’d share here. *

I just watched this last night. He’s instantly impressed by Kris and Jake.

He is an idiot but it’s cool that he liked the band.

I’m certainly not anything close to having anything resembling musical proficiency (either knowledge or ability), nor have I seen any of his other stuff, but he appears to make some insightful comments and thoughts on what the band is doing throughout. It’s his first time seeing the video (and the band itself), so can you blame him for not being 100% correct? I doubt there are many that could be on a first time look.

Playing a chord progression over 3 measures in 4/4 time is not a poly rhythm. As far as learning the parts yea I will cast no shade there, but it seems like he over complicates stuff for the sake of being a YTer.

He definitely does that.

This guy is hilarious. My buddy actually showed me some of his videos this weekend. Check out the phish one he does on Free, Trey just blows his mind

Feel he’s way more impressed by Jake.

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I would agree. Seems like he grew up a metahead and likes the heavy stuff.

Fun watch. Someone should ask him if Jerry could’ve played Maze.

I watched, was fun. I liked how he just stopped at one point and was like “this is a real serious band right here”


Dude needs to put some different adjectives into his vocab other than “killer.” Other than that video was enjoyable.

Or man this is a real band.

Dude just posted a new video of him reacting to Wizard Burial Ground. Mind.Blown.


Love his reaction upon realizing bayliss is also a good guitar player.


Lol get this dude a bort handle and a roll of Umph Love stickers.


Love this guy. My girlfriend and I don’t have any musical abilities but we’ve been hooked watching all his videos.

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No musical abilities here either, dude is super entertaining, and his enthusiasm is something else. Just wish I knew what he was talking about.

Liked his breakdown of the Kashmir-esque run building up to the pause before the final ending and Jake solo.

I hate to be negative but this guy has a pretty awful lack of ear for a guitar teacher. He struggles with even basic stuff, it’s really awkward. Most of his terminology and music theory is also way off.

Yeah but I wouldn’t notice any of that anyway, so I choose to believe that he’s 100% an expert. :grin: