Good Songs that have no Business Being Played Live

The No Diablo Discussion got me thinking. What songs are good when they come out spotify or on album, but you instantly run for the bathroom and bar the moment they pop up live?

For me:
No Diablo
Educated Guess
Ocean Billy (only because I’ve heard it so much and I can always make it back by the jam/epic ending)

I like(d) Seasons a lot on the album but it’s an immediate piss break for me live


This is so true of me that my friends now laugh when OB is played. I’m so tired of it.

I’m okay with Educated Guess, but the others agreed with. Really any mid-set acoustic stuff is a real downer for me. Either full set acoustic or leave it alone. The only exception might be acoustic, build into heavy hitting rawk as an encore

I will never understand this take. The “set the table” part of seasons is like an algorithm of classic UM sound. Give me seasons every show.

Welp the bathrooms during Seasons don’t lie, you’re probably in the minority on that one. Like I said I like the song, and the part you mentioned is good. But for whatever reason the opening notes always elicit a groan from me.

Avoid going to back to back shows and you’ll probably get Seasons every show.

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I don’t mind the acoustic stuff when it’s placed well, which I think they usually do, unlike No Diablo

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I actually got 3 straight seasons in 2018. Though one of them was a soundcheck I was watching from a hotel balcony. If that stretch didn’t turn me off the song I doubt anything will.

But I hate having to leave my spot because chompers are talking over memories of home or something else that I wanna hear. Acousitc stuff can be heard to hear in certain venues. 12/29/16 was brutal live, I basically had to charge the stage to hear. Riv’ed…

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Half Delayed really does nothing for me live. It’s a solid, harmless song and short so I don’t mind it too much but I can’t say that when I’ve seen it live it has ever added anything to a set for me.

I forgot it exists

Lmao Easter in Quarantine /s

Because this is probably going to turn into a piss break thread I’m usually in the bathroom for the beginning of Day Nurse, Den, PTP, WWS, Higgins, Whistle Kids, Seasons, Roctopus

Yea but songs like whistle kids and roctopiss aren’t good songs to begin with.

Neither is educated guess. Fuck that song

Studio version rips are you kidding rn


Nah fam. Hate that song

I have no interest in Plunger. It’s also long enough that you’ll never miss the jam no matter how bad the lines are.

Educated Guess is awesome. The studio version is fantastic. But the vocals tend to be a disaster live. I really like the 2015 Vegas version though. Great transition from the jam back into the song.

I also love Mantis, but it’s another one where the vocals can be very cringey live.

The best version of WMM is the studio version. Jake needs to approach the solo that way live and he never does.

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Why they haven’t opened Half Delayed the fuck up yet is beyond me. That ending is begging for a jam.