Go To Hell

I’m seem to remember a version of this song with lyrics called “Cold Smoke”. When Cold Smoke was debuted, the old bort was in an uproar about the lyrics and particularly how the chorus didn’t fit the song very well.

It appeared the song was shelved for a while, then re-introduced as an instrumental called “Go To Hell”.

I’ve always suspected that the new name was the band’s reaction to all the negative comments from the bort following the debut of “Cold Smoke”. Maybe this is just my imagination and a coincidence, but I hope not. Their tongue-in-cheek witty sense of humor and the fact that they may have played the fans on the bort is one of the reasons I love the band.

Man those vocals were so bad…

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I feel like they’ve reworked multiple songs in the past so should Crucial Taunt (which I like) be called Go to Hell Pt. II?

IIRC there’s one version where afterward Bayliss or Jake says something like “that was called Go To Hell. As in, if you don’t like that song you can go to hell.”

Yeah, I remember that as well. It reinforced my idea that the new title was intended to get back at the fans that didn’t like “Cold Smoke”.

I hated Cold Smoke and Go to Hell is just okay so I’m not sure they “got back” at anyone. But your assumption may be right.

Cold Smoke Scotch Ale by Kettlehouse Brewing in Missoula is one of my all-time favorite beers.

10/3/09 in Milwaukee. Bayliss introduces a new song that doesn’t have a title but their “selling the naming rights on eBay”

ATU notes this as the debut of Go To Hell

This was the debut of Cold Smoke

Yep, GTH with lyrics

Song was cold smoke for sure. The band didn’t like Jakes lyrics so they cut them and he renamed it go to hell in response.

Bayliss sang that one, so I’d assume his lyrics. The vocal delivery was just super forced into the composition. Definitely a really awkward tune vocally, they were wise to ditch the lyrics.

Yeah all of this.

I was at a show where Bayliss said y’all didn’t like the lyrics so you can go to hell. Then they went into the song. I dig GtH.

Nice! Do you know what show that was?

I like GtH as well. I’m also willing to admit I liked Cold Smoke and thought it just needed to be fleshed out a little. I like the melody of the lyrics and was a little bummed when they turned it into an instrumental.

If you miss Cold Smoke, the vocals in “In the Black” feel just as forced

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Hahaha! Great Suggestion. Another tune I really enjoy. I can see the what you mean by the vocals feeling forced on the chorus and particularly on the bridge though.

I’m looking for it. Thought it was Asheville Winter 2011, but I don’t hear it in the recording. That was one of the first few times they played it after being rewritten, so I thought it was it. Maybe I need to check the Knox show later that year. I’ve seen a bunch of GtH.

What about Through the Cracks? Which I low-key kind of like and sort of miss.

I fucking hated that song