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Probably the best lineup they’ve had in the last few years

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Was thinking the same thing

Saturday looks great. Lizzo, Oysterhead, Tenacious D, Billy Strings, Marcus King, King Gizzard and Nelly performing Country Grammar? Hot damn.

That’s a lot of good stuff.

Looks great. Will never go back

At the Woodlands Festival site.

This was an absolute blast last year. It has a Bear Creek vibe/size with Wanee weather.

I have not been to a better festival grounds than Suwannee. That place is unbelievable


I miss Bear Creek so much.

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Image won’t post for some reason. Lock’n line up is out:


It’s so Dead heavy. Hard pass.

Isn’t that how it always goes though? I feel like Dead related acts always dominate the lineup. I’m pretty sure even Lettuce played a JGB set last year.

It was 2 years ago. And that Lettuce JGB set was the god damn truth.

Would probably look to go back to lockn this year. But peach and scamp look so fire. I can’t festy the way I used to lol. Just one, maybe two a year is all I can really handle. Plus with the recent engagement, we’re looking to settle down a bit and take it easy on all the shows

And it’s all shit Phil sit-ins. Those old Dead guys suck at sit-ins. Always a snoozefest or they just don’t mesh at with whoever they’re playing with at all.

Gonna be Phil’s 80th birthday… old man can only play so fast. But I don’t disagree

Though JRAD with John Mayer sounds badass. They should do that without Phil sometime.

♫ Now Playing Lettuce, Aug 25, 2018, Arrington, VA, Aug 25, 2018, Arrington, VA @nugsnet_app App

Bobby, John, and Oteil Sit in.

Also I’m pretty sure John has sat in with JRAD a couple times.

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Only thing less diverse than that Lock’n lineup is a Phish “festival.”