Fantasy Song Construct

Here’s a weird exercise that I thought of, late one evening. What if I could take one part of a certain song, and mix it with another part of a different version of the same song. Example, 1st half of 10/30/10 Front Porch with the 2nd half of 04/27/13 Front Porch. I’m feeling like I’m the only weirdo that does that, but I’m seeing if anyone else would be willing to play along.

all i know is that if it doesnt have raptors realizing their potential and rippin bongos i am fuckin out


Fucking beat me to it lol

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@SchladopianFir Please tell us you understand this reference.

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One of the all time Bort highlights. Someone timestamped this recently IIRC

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(Definitely not trying to frantically search Bort archives)

I’m still lost.

Brother you are in for a fucking treat


I thought it was august 2021 so I was looking in the wrong place. What a wild ride

There is so much to take in and I’m not done. Holy shit.


The Bort makes complete sense now. JFC, Sultan is a fucking dildo. I think 7 hours and 4000 posts is enough for now. Fuck… That was intense.