Easter in Quarantine

Not really what I was expecting …but I was kind of expecting it

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the artwork is killer.

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The song was terrible. Emo bayliss singing, staring out a window while it rains whining about how shitty it is to stay inside.


The only thing worst than actual quarantine.

this is up there with some of their worst material. who is this for? like honestly who is this actually for?

Kevin Browning’s bank account.


This song bums me out. I don’t need music reminding me I can’t see my friends and family for who knows how long.

can’t wait to hear this one really get opened up live for the first time

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Gayer than 9 dues fucking 10 dudes

edit: just got to the Kenny G sax solo lmao. How could it get any worse?

Who is Umphreys even trying to be? What are they trying to do?

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I saw the email say “Kevin Browning & All of Team UM” and figured the bort would be all over this. It’s unspeakably awful. I had to stop it after maybe 30 seconds.

No one should be surprised by Brendan’s emo side. And if you had Jake offer you up this music already written, would you come back with some goofy or uplifting lyrics? No, probably not.

I just think it’s damn impressive that Jake played every f’n instrument, lol. Not sure they have ever released an official song where that was the case.

Oh, well. No one needs to buy it if they don’t like it. But it’s exciting to me that they are collaborating in different ways.


Talk about shameless self-promotion.

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coming from the guy who called himself soundcaresser when he was truly awful at caressing sound, this is far from shameless.


His mixes left a lot to be desired, Chris is 10000000x better and I’m sure even KB would admit that. Maybe.

i dont even know if this is a joke or not i didnt make it all the way through

It blows my mind how a band can be so good and so lame depending on the day.

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I thought Jake did all of the studio Deeper

if jake playing every instrument is the only redeemable quality then maybe jake shouldn’t play every instrument. or don’t give it to someone who doesn’t write lyrics like a teenager.

Oh, I may have forgotten about that. Let me double check.

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