Feeling sad that me and @opsopcopolis @jazzprogfan and @ridingwiththeking left the Boulder show right before this heady Nerds

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100% in for this @solvethebox. One of my favorite local towns and area on a random Wednesday night and a cool looking small theater (that I didn’t even know existed). Yes, please. Probably will take Thursday off and do a quick hike before heading home.

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hyped for Nashua @sociablehodor @Atmosforman you joinin? @gatroe figure you are laying low since you’re leaving for Europe right after that?

Hell yeah, see ya there!

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Yeah I doubt it but they’re playing that fest in MA on Friday. Probably going to do that and we’re leaving the next day

You weren’t kidding about this Nerds! :fire:

3/4 French Bowling rips.

Are ya hitting the Leesburg show?

Planning on it. Not looking forward to an hour-plus drive each way on a Wednesday, though.


See ya there!


Saw a video on IG from the Portland show and the crowd looked rowdyAF. Glad to see that in a part of the country they don’t tour too often

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At dopapod in LA right now…yak attack was so good


Very fun. They did a killer late night set at Beanstalk one yet that I used to listen to a ton. Cool to watch Dave alternate between looping guitar and keys parts.

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Yah I had no idea what was up with them but 10min into their first song after layering a bunch of loops he breaks out the Gibson and lays down some solid playing…mind blown

Warm up


Great fucking show, but it was 5.5 hours round trip. Too tired to think as I’m here in my garage.

Here’s what I clocked (probably wrong)


Set 1: Haalp > mucho (fat, almost aborted), Peter banning? > black holes (short :frowning: sad ) , live in the dream (good but short) → 386 (solid jam, jotn?) > sabotage cover

Set 2: present ghosts (short but sweet) > STADA? (One of the best jams I’ve heard from them) , closer > Velcro (yak attack sit in that nails it) , 23 forever (2x fakes end lol) , knobs?, faba2 , French

E: onion head

Here’s a setlist

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I made a Dopapod palindromic set:

Black Holes > FABA, STADA, Test of Time, Donkey Kong Theme → Vol. 3 #86, Flipped, 8 Years Ended → Aquatic Ambience (DK Underwater Theme), Time is Funny, PLSS, FABA2 > Black & White


Song with the color black, the FABAs, another song that’s all caps, song with “time”, donkey Kong, song with numbers specifically 8, and “flipped” in the center before it reverses. All transitions are repeated too




Srsly brah?