Caverns > Asheville

I’m starting to get real pumped for this run next weekend. I’ll be coming in from Nashville, haven’t seen a show since Knoxville in October. Getting to see BMFS for the first time is the cherry on top.

Who’s in for this one? What are y’all hoping to hear?

Only doing Ashe. Haven’t heard Yoga Pants in a while.

Gonna be in CA but my two fav bands together?! Ugh. Don’t miss any of BMFS. He is pure friggin fire. It’s unbelievable how every show is better than the last. Truly makes no sense but just enjoy the ride :v: :heart: :goat:

Not losing hope. I may end up making one of these hometown nights happen.

Cmon dude make it happen

Trying to will it into existence. Send the vibes brah.

It would be show #69 lol

I’m in!

In fact, the Caverns will be my 100th show…almost 18 years to the day of my first.

See you freaks this weekend!


Great 100 show!!

In for Asheville x2

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I’ve been listening to most recent shows from Billy on Nugz from the past year and could not be more excited. Can’t wait to see what they play with BMFS sitting in, presumably.


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If I dont hear The Haunt and WBG in the cave I am gonna quit.

Just in for Asheville. Not really chasing much, but I’ll take just about any song I haven’t seen in 5+ years… Front Porch, GITV, Mullet, Great American, The Haunt, Words, Search 4, and Liquid to name a handful

I’d say the haunt is a good bet. It’s been a while. I’ll settle for my Saturday Wappy.

Umphreys last performed in Asheville 174 shows ago!

Recent set lists at Civic Center:

02.17.2018 Arena, Asheville, NC, USA

Set 1: Forks, Slacker, Cut Off, #5, Partyin’ Peeps, In The Black, Remind Me

Set 2: Plunger > Ocean Billy > Live and Let Die, Ringo > The Floor, Yoga Pants > Wappy Sprayberry > Ocean Billy

Encore: Resolution

02.16.2018 Arena, Asheville, NC, USA

Set 1: Bathing Digits > The Fussy Dutchman, Cemetery Walk, Cemetery Walk II[1], Educated Guess, Draconian, Whistle Kids, Dump City

Set 2: Push the Pig > Bass solo[2] > August, Go to Hell, Hajimemashite > The Triple Wide[3], Mail Package

Encore: Maybe Someday

02.18.2017 Arena, Asheville, NC, USA

Set 1: Gurgle > Higgins, Make It Right, In The Kitchen -> White Man’s Moccasins, Puppet String[1], Can’t You See[2]

Set 2: Mulche’s Odyssey, Hajimemashite > JaJunk > Miami Virtue[3] > Remind Me, Professor Wormbog, Much Obliged > In The Kitchen > JaJunk[4]

Encore: Tom Sawyer

02.17.2017 Arena, Asheville, NC, USA

Set 1: Bathing Digits > Rocker Part 2, Nothing Too Fancy[1] > Spires > Upward, Atmosfarag > Der Bluten Kat

Set 2: 40’s Theme, Resolution -> Phil’s Farm, Black Sabbath > War Pigs[2], 2x2 > Nothing Too Fancy

Encore: Bad Friday[3]

02.20.2016 Arena, Asheville, NC, USA

Set 1: You Got the Wrong Guy > All In Time > Cemetery Walk, Utopian Fir[1] > Booth Love, Attachments, Cut the Cable > All In Time

Set 2: Miami Virtue > Dear Prudence, Bridgeless > Smell the Mitten[2], August, 1348 > Driven to Tears > 1348

Encore: In The Kitchen -> Bridgeless

02.19.2016 Arena, Asheville, NC, USA

Set 1: There’s No Crying In Mexico > Out Of Order, Walletsworth, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Deeper > Padgett’s Profile, The Linear > Andy’s Last Beer, The Triple Wide

Set 2: Wizard Burial Ground > Gulf Stream > Wizard Burial Ground, Speak Up, Daffodils, Intentions Clear -> Kula, Wappy Sprayberry > The Floor

Encore: Divisions

Don’t forget:

02.19.2017 The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC, USA

Set 1: North Route > The Linear > Go to Hell, Cut Off > Example 1, Ride On Pony, Night Nurse, Preamble > Mantis -> Dancing Days

Set 2: Attachments, Utopian Fir > Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None) > Utopian Fir[1], No Diablo, The Triple Wide -> Mantis, Breaker, Booth Love

Encore: Pay the Snucka

I’m def betting on Down Under to be played.

All Things Billy? Hinting at a BMFS sit in on ATN?

More, finding a song with “sugar” in the title.

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Pumped for these Asheville shows. I love seeing them at that venue. My buddy now lives walking distance from the arena so it should be a bumbling stumbling good time