Caverns > Asheville

BHSD would be sweet

Pour Some Sugar on Me, ltp 5/2/98 (2462 show gap)

WBG and The Haunt would be lovely for the cave. I also think Bottom Half could be in play? Or they might play all of these in Memphis to piss us off.

What is the deal on transportation to and from Caverns? Anyone have any ideas or tips?

No ride share companies or taxis. Ya gotta drive/find a driver.

Yeah, I don’t recall seeing any either. That place is a one-horse town. Population: 403.

I have a van chartered with Craig at INAR. BigFoot Excursions will also charter a van for you. It is expensive, but don’t really have any other option.

These show times right for Asheville?

B Strings at 6:30?

I would guess Empire Strikes Brass is first

oh damn…didn’t even realize there were two openers.

Here is the timeline:

What I don’t understand is how the late nights are for 11 and 10:15 when they both include UM members.

Doom is midnight

Right. And I’m assuming Empire Strikes Brass will begin the late night w/ Joel and Stasik coming in later

Guess it’s wrong on then

Yeah, per usual.

The salvage station site says 11:59

Really hoping there are multiple sit ins both ways, both nights. One cooler one will be Kris with Billy since Kris was the main guest at String the Halls (Billy’s holiday show) this year and the night before Billy sat in for a lot of the Kris & Friends show. So sad I’m missing this. My two fav bands.

And this was released today; I’ll just drop it in here for anyone wondering how Billy does both traditional bluegrass but then also can jam…insert jam here:

Ocean Billy Strings tonight

Bill’s Motherfuckin Farm lol