Bort Bookkeeping


  1. Facilitate a transparent and fault tolerant community via collective ownership of

  2. Record all revenue and expenses of to date, and continuing forward.

  3. Use communal resources to grow and hopefully rebuild what we lost better than it was. It’s an uphill battle given the losses suffered, but I also know most of yall out there are incredibly clever and kindhearted, so I am optimistic.

I’ve been asked the valid question, “If I donate, where does my money go?” I’m a better programmer than book keeper, so it’d be really nice if we could get a Bort Treasurer to help with this. In the meanwhile, here is a list of all costs and revenue to date.

Current Records:

Total Expenses To Date 1/08/22: $400.55

Total Donations To Date 1/08/22: $140.84

Personal Net Loss To Date 1/08/22: $259.71

Current Monthly Operating Expenses: ~$41.10

Cloud Servers: $27.03
Email Servers: $0.00
DNS Registry: $13.17
Previous Bort Iteration Herokuapp: $364.35

Expense Details:

Application Container on Cloud Server:

Current Cloud Hosting Price: 40 per month

Paid Cloud Fees to Date (01/08/22): $27.03


These currently cost us 0 dollars a month, up to 10,000 emails. As of now, we have a while until we start paying for this. It could change in the future, but if it does that means we are growing substantially which is a good thing!



DNS Registry

Current Cost: $13.17 ( weekly)

This is a flat fee paid yearly for so we can publicly use the domain.

Herokuapp Bort

Total Costs: 364.35

Our home before we moved here. Using a PaaS instead of IaaS and database challenges accounted for the higher costs of the previous iteration.

Donation Details:

Personal Venmo Transactions: $142
  • 12/29/2019 $20
  • 12/29/2019 $20
  • 10/23/19 $15
  • 10/22/19 $10
  • 10/22/19 $20
  • 8/8/19 $25
  • 8/8/19 $19
  • 8/8/19 $3
  • 8/8/19 $10
Venmo Fees: $1.16
  • 8/8/19 $0.57
  • 10/22/19 $0.30
  • 10/26/19 $0.25
  • 12/31/19 $0.04
Current Monthly Patreon Subscriptions: $5 - fees tbd
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