Billy Strings

New Bort new Billy thread.

Shot in the dark: Anybody got extras for 1/24 Tipitina’s show in New Orleans?

Keep a regular eye on Cash or Trade. His tix always pop up. You can even set an alert for that show. LOOOOOOOVE CoT. Good luck and BMFS! :goat: :metal:

Glad I saw him at The Independent back in September. Mofo will be playing in a venue three times the size next time around.

His Majestic run in Detroit was straight fire through and through. My favorite run with any band in as long as i can remember. No one is improving or playing at the level Billy and his band are right now.

Their next show here is at The Filmore, which is insane to think about. They went from Otus Supply (250ish) to The Majestic (1,000) to The Filmore (2,900) in just over two years.


I can’t wait to see where he plays next in Chicago.

Bottom Lounge 2018 (400 capacity)
Concord Music Hall 2019 (1,400 capacity)

No one is improving or playing at the level Billy and his band are right now.
^Highly agree.

As a drummer, I can’t get over how much of a machine Billy’s bass player is. He’s a damn metronome.

So pumped for the two-night Cap run this weekend. Gonna be BMFS fire! :goat: :fire:

Free stream tonight in 15 minutes. Also free ghost light stream in 45 minutes. I’ll be switching back and forth as I pregame for the new deal.

These Cap show were incredible. Never a dull moment in the sets. This band is on FIRE right now.

Does anyone know if it was their LD at the Cap shows or the house guy, because the lights were so on point.

They don’t have their own LD (yet) so i’m pretty sure it was the house guy.

Last night was so good. No one is playing at the level this band is right now, they just jump off the preverbal cliff and just send it and it is working an an unreal level right now. There were some very psychedelic moments last night that had my face in a puddle on my living room floor. Not many bands can do that to me on a couch ter

What a weekend. Billy and co. stepped up as always. That Wharf Rat was unreal. Was hoping to hear “Doin’ Things Right” and “She Makes My Love.” Got them and then some. April can’t come soon enough…or at least Tipitina’s stream next weekend! :goat: :heartbeat:

Billy just announced a little duo tour in the mitten. Going to be a tough ticket but i’ll hit a couple of these dates up if tickets pop up

Buddy of mine came through, heading to Tip’s tonight! Very stoked!

That tour with his pops is gonna special. Wish I could hit Ionia especially. Have fun.

I’ll be at the Ionia show. See you there?

Sadly no. Not hitting any of the duo shows. Next show is Philly and I’m limited show wisewith baby on its way. Ionia is gonna be one for the books :v: :hearts: :goat:

I’m just gonna drop this in here…

I don’t think so. Might end up at one of those shows last minute but Ionia most likely wouldn’t be it

Gonna try for a Mission Ballroom 2 day pass today. Stoked to see him at that venue. Also fingers crossed to make it to one of the Kings n Strings Jazz Fest shows. Have a feeling those tickets are gonna be a bit more difficult to come by. Either way, stoked for more Billy soon.

Billy demand is booming right now. Just added a third Mission night and two more Wilmington nights. Stoked for the guy.