Best Venue The Band Plays / Played




Red rocks
The Fox (Oakland)

Never been to the Riverside but second Red Rock and the Oakland Fox. Also adding in Moonlite Gardens in Cincy and Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville.


Agreed. Moonlite Gardens is like a country club deck, it’s awesome.

Marvin’s Mountain Top, FTW

Some of my favorites in no particular order:

Fox Theater (St. Louis) - it’s a bummer they haven’t been able to play here again as its equally if not more beautiful as the other Fox Theaters
Peoria Riverfront - way chiller than a Chicago show with cheap beers, cool view of the river/city
Frederick Meyer Gardens - beautiful venue at the botanical garden
Ravinia - BYOB
Fillmore Detroit - I went for the first time this year after I believe they restored it, super cheap place to see a show in a beautiful theater
Northerly Island - great venue for UM, not so much for bigger shows if you are stuck in the Lawn
Ryman - probably the most historic indoor venue I’ve seen UM at, good view as long as you aren’t stuck under the balcony behind a pole

I enjoyed the Slyvee in Madison when they came through. Granted it was a brand new venue.

I like the Pageant in StL as long as it’s not oversold.

the best. absolute huge bummer

The Cap.

Not the venue itself but look forward to the Stone Pony every year, can’t beat a day on the beach before the show.

The Brooklyn Bowl! The shows I have seen there have been average but it is always a lot of fun to see them there.

I’m glad I crossed red rocks off my bucket list but would honestly rather see UM in a small venue.

I love the Vegas Brooklyn Bowl too. If anyone has been to both how does it compare to the OG?

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Only been here once (the 2011 blizzard show), but I agree. Great venue.

Vegas Brooklyn Bowl is sweet too. A lot of “quality of life” features at the venue. Plenty of satellite bars throughout the venue, extremely clean bathrooms with SBD sound pumped into them, great food options, and just an overall quality place to pregame with bowling and shit.

one year at red rocks, the mens room had some musak bullshit, while the woman’s rest room (so i had heard) was playing the live feed from the stage.

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I was about to spam this with harp emojis but I can’t find them so I’ll just say HBC is probably still my favorite


My favorites

Auditorium Theater in Chicago
Iroquois in Louisville
Moonlite in Cincy
Fillmore Detroit

and of course being from IN, I totally miss Murat Egyptian Room shows

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I love the sylvee. I expected to absolutely hate it when they first announced the layout, but I’ve seen some great shows. Although I miss the orpheum, seems like the sylvee was getting all the shows I wanted to see.

I really enjoyed seeing them at the Fillmore in Philly last year, cool room.


Simon Estes and the Palace Theater are my favorites.

The Fort


Local government there is really chill.

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But OP got it right. Riverside FTW.

The Cap & HBC for east coast. They only played the Melody Tent in Cape Cod once but I thought the rotating stage thing was pretty cool. I also love College St in New Haven. The tiered floors are great.

Really loved the Hive in Sandpoint and the Wilma in MT.

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