Ben Factor

Not bad for only a couple shows in. Digging those new lights bars too. I did notice that he was repeating a lot of the same color schemes last night. Definitely too much red/blue going on… but I’m guessing that all gets fine tuned over time. Overall I think he’s gonna be great and can’t wait to see what he can do with a little experience under his belt.

From the couple of clips I saw so far, Ben’s lights look pretty damn awesome.

Agreed. He knows these tunes for sure and seems like he’s been preparing well for this run. Can’t wait to see what his rigs/setups look like on a “normal” tour. I dig the LED bars for this run, but I always lean towards having more movers rather than any LED bars or light backdrops.

Excited for my first Factor show which should be Columbus 1/25 or Ft Wayne 1/29

Yeah not a fan of the XXX light bar backdrop. Other than that the lights have been pretty cool.

Is this the same guy that did lights in Knoxville? If so, wasn’t a fan. Those flashing bars were blinding

Ben did a fantastic job for his first official shows. Really liked the adjustments to the setup he made each night as well. Very refreshing to see new lights

I agree with jerkstore. Seemed pretty limited on different color combinations. But I do like his color palette - different than waful for sure.

Had some pretty good effects and besides a couple flubs each night his cues were on point.

Thought it was impressive for him to keep up with the never ending peak that was All in Time > ALS. I kept thinking he was going to run out of shit to do to keep up with the energy of the music but he kept it interesting.

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AIT into the countdown was great. He really turned it up. Go back and look at waful’s first shows… nothing special. Confident Ben is gonna be just fine.

Crazy that Waful and Factors first hired gigs were NYE runs. Talk about pressure. Thought Ben did pretty well.

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Great shot. I remember thinking Factor was using so much smoke they wouldn’t be able to see their boards haha.

I thought the lights were great on the webcasts I watched. Enjoying the new take on things for sure…

Eh idk about nothing special for Waful. The light rig for Aud Theatre ‘08 was massive. I agree that he had more flubs and Ben was waaaay more dialed into the band than him on his first run, but the lights were pretty fuggin sick for NYE ‘08. Even if it was just due to the size of the rig

+1. Kinda hoping the X’s were just a NYE rig and not permanent moving forward. Regardless though I thought Ben did a really great job.

I liked his lights a lot during this run. It might be because my last shows before that were Eliot shows but Ben seemed super dialed in. I like the use of the light boxes and the little strips of lights. I feel like it has more versatility to go from super rock n roll to mellow and more moody. Ben’s a good dude and while did partially want Luke to get the job, I think after this run I get why they chose Ben and I’m really happy for him.

from the looks of some pics/vids of the Beacon show, it looks like the LED bars are gonna be sticking around for a little while. Which im pretty indifferent about. I don’t love them, but I also don’t hate them.

I’m all for something different, so I dig them

There’s definitely some cool looks with them. When the ACL 360s(those 6 in one movers up top) wash with them it creates almost aurora type effects and I’m into that.

That said I hope the rig changes more often in the coming years than it did in the past few

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From all the webcasts and clips I’ve seen…ben’s looking better every show.