ATU Corrections or Updates?

6/4/23: Glide (The New Deal) teases (bordering on jam) by Stasik during Ocean Billy (starts at 12:28)

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6/16 ITK unfinished
6/18 Bonnaroo still not posted

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7/13 Breathe tease at end of Soul Food I

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7/13 also has Pure Saturation teases from Bayliss towards the end of the Day Nurse jam (starting around 9:25).


Soul Food 1 > Uncommon
Got Your Milk (Right Here) > In the Kitchen



encore listed on ATU as Comfortably Numb > Bridgeless

should be Comfortably Numb > All in Time

8/19 Bennie and the Jets with Debra (Beck) quotes

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We really gonna show 8/20 as three sets? C’mon @jwelsh8

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8/24 Paradise City jam starting around 9:40 of Booth Love

8/37 Full Frontal has a March of the Winkies tease, followed by a partial cover of Hysteria

3X with Stairway to Heaven tease

Tinkles with a lyrical stew

Also sounds like Jake is on percussion for All Night Long



9/9 has some very glaring ones. Wappy > Seasons, has Wappy ever even had a stop after it? Isnt it almost always end> next song?? Speak Up> DyFaM to add another. I don’t wanna overload, so we’ll start with those

I wonder if @jwelsh8 even looks at these anymore :thinking: we miss you so!

I’ve basically given up on correcting segues. In recent years they’ve seemingly increased the frequency of “segues” where a song just fades out or whatever into the next, and there’s been a lack of consistency in how those are noted.


still listed as a patreon member, despite having not logged in for over a year


Thank you, I’ve been noticing that as well. I count it as a continuation of sound or an on-a-dime as a > However, i can understand not wanting to include that as a segue ala the way Phish does it. I usually go here for the most correctly annotated setlists anyway; then AllThings is the pillar where the baseline info is

Good eye @swb0nd , at least he supports us :smile:

9/9 Fir with The Ocean tease
Pig with Lose Yourself jam starting around 8:20

8/24 is missing Prof Wormbog after Bathing Digits

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  • Reso has Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (AC/DC) jam

  • It’s About That Time jam in Pure Saturation

9/15 AIT sounds like (maybe) a Maybe Someday jam around 12 minutes in