ATU Corrections or Updates?

It’s Not Your Fault > #5
#5 > Out of Order
After listening, Suxity > DBK is debatable, but I’d still give it, because standard jamless Suxity naturally ends on a pause, and then they do the 1-2-3-4 count into DBK without any extra pausing.

Glory > The Silent Type
Aerials (System of a Down) teases in Plunger - most obvious spot starts around 11:05
In the Kitchen > Dr. Feelgood > In the Kitchen

What noob is filling out ATU these days? Also the Van Halen is just a tease in between songs.


Some other teases during the S2 set:
Sharknado with Jaws Theme teases/jam
Umphrey’s on infected mushrooms with 1348 teases

Cali crazies