ATU Corrections or Updates?

Definitely a 25 or 6 to 4 jam in the 4/12 Wappy

4/13 probably should note the long break after The Floor
Uncommon with Dazed and Confused teases
Attachments with 1000 Places jam
Triple Wide unfinished I guess?


4/18 IDM with I Keep Forgettin’ jam

4/19 Synco with Breezin’ teases

4/21 HBB with Paradise City teases
3X with Stairway tease

ATN with Cowboys from Hell tease
“No Comment” should be Comma Later
Snucka with Eruption, Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love, Jump Around, and Bulls on Parade teases, plus a quote for Bulls

4/27 the Blondie song is Heart of Glass (not House)

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I don’t think this is a mistake, otherwise there would be no reference to the Jump Around portion.

It was in reference to the note of the songs that made up the mash up. It has since been fixed.

Gotcha, my bad

5/17 M2M with Xxplosive teases
5/18 3X with Stairway tease

5/25 Reso with Norwegian Wood jam

He only does the first half of the riff so I’m not sure I’d note it, but there’s nearly a Rhiannon tease in Life During Exodus
Booth with Sweet Child O’ Mine tease
Tinkle’s with Thunderstruck verse

6/14 Snucka with Cowboys From Hell and House of Pain teases

6/15 there’s a four minute perc section at the end of Night Nurse probably worth noting as Drums

6/22 Bad Friday unfinished
Hiccup with Blackbird teases
Triple Wide with Stairway to Heaven tease

Kitchen unfinished

Ringo with Fame jam
House of Pain teases in both Ringo and Staircase
Crooked unfinished, → Synco

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Fenced In unfinished (goes back to the theme briefly but ends up segueing without the end vocal line)
WBG → Suxity
Red Tape with It’s About That Time jam
N2F with Walking on the Moon jam

7/6 Hiccup → Fussy

7/7 Similar Skin with Binary Sunset tease
Big Heart is a full on jam, or at least teases plural