Just got to that part and was like “bort has gotta be loving this complex 2 jam”

I know this is a bizarre criticism, but I have such a hard time with AQ’s banter. Makes me cringe hard

How in the world do you put up with sqft tour then

Something about the “Hey [insert city here], are you ready to rage?!?!” sorta banter that makes me feel really awkward.

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I saw a Big Gigantic show back in 2014ish and he announced the song before playing it every time. So wack.

“Are y’all ready to get Nocturnal?”

“this next one makes me feel like the Heavyweight Champion of the World…”

“I hope y’all are feeling Fantastic out there…”

always seemed so lame to me.

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This Complex is sick

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Aqueous Beanstalk matrix is up on archive.

Show Review/Description from the uploader, Space Tapes

Some days I feel like I have been unplugged, but my cord gets plugged back in and we have a recording of Aqueous performing at Beanstalk Music Festival!

I want to start by saying this set was the closest I’ve ever come to just posting a GIF somehow conveying a mind being blown. But it’s been done by an inferior blog in an inferior way and just feels lazy, so I won’t do that. However, it’s hard to put into words how impressive Aqueous’ set was at Beanstalk Music Festival. The set clocks right at the hour and a half mark, and it consists of only two songs. You read that right, two songs. Sure, there was a segment of Metallica’s “Whom The Bell Tolls”, which some may argue makes this three songs, but I would argue that was more of an extended tease. Either way, two songs or three, this set is an embarrassment of riches.

It’s not to say the idea of a reduced song list in exchange for more improvisation is a new concept. Bands in the scene have been on a similar kick over the last few years, with Spafford performing a three-song set two years ago in Grand Junction (and several more condensed sets thereafter,…/spafford-3-song-set-grand…); or Pigeons Playing Ping Pong performing a one-song set in Portland back in 2018 (…/pigeons-playing-ping…/); or String Cheese Incident performing a full set “Rosie” just a year later at their annual Electric Forest Festival (…/the-string-cheese…/); heck, even Aqueous themselves played a one-song set back at the height of the pandemic as a part of the Live From Out There series (…/live-from-out-there-one…). So we shouldn’t get hung up on the pedantic nature of immediately correlating song list length with show quality. However, to make a statement in almost direct contrast, it isn’t a shock that when the band is no longer focused on playing a different song, it doesn’t just lead to improvisational moments, it demands them. And through that demand, Aqueous brought a hefty supply.

The show was very unassuming to start; the band came out in jovial spirits, joking about the set being an all-experimental Eagles set before jumping into the singular opening notes of the first song. The start was very patient, with a slow staccato rhythm of notes that began the sculpting process, eventually widening the soundscape for the drums to kick in and start the groove. After the first verse/chorus of “Skyway”, the band immediately launched the creative journey that would last throughout the set. Once again, the band was patient, resigned to communicative playing that engaged each member with tacit call-and-responses. This would be the ongoing theme for the rest of the set, as the band continued to delve further into the improvisational milieu they collectively crafted. It felt like the band was on a mission, performing as if they were alone in their basement, focused solely on the sonic output they were mutually crafting. This led to one of the most engaging sets of the weekend as the musical journey became its own introspective trip for listeners fully engaged in the band’s odyssey. There was even a moment the rain kicked up, and you can hear the band almost questioning if they would continue. But then they pressed on to the delight of the fans who stayed, rain be damned. There were peaks; there were valleys; there was rain; there was sun; there was a Metallica cover; but what this set does better than everything else, is showcase the band’s ability to communicate and create together at such a high level. For any band, but especially a jamband, I don’t think there’s a higher metric.

Aqueous has always been an act deserving great respect. Their musicianship and songwriting are both top-notch and a fresh evolution in a scene that can often times feel stale and saturated with familiarity. With this set, we see another prime example of a band willing to take risks in the face of easy options. Willing to buck the safety net of what’s been tried and true to just take flight and see what happens. It’s a boldness that we could all benefit from seeing more of, and hopefully we’ll keep seeing plenty of it in Aqueous.

Aqueous | 2022-06-24 | Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival at Rancho Del Rio, Bond, CO

-= One Set =-

  1. (Intro)[1]

  2. Skyward >

  3. Eon Don[2] >

  4. Skyward

Show Notes: This set was performed on the second day of the Beanstalk Music and Mountains Festival. This was the festival’s ten year anniversary. This set was performed on the Main Stage.

[1] Prior to the start of the set there were “Desperado” (The Eagles) and “Working Man” (The Eagles) quotes.

[2] “Eon Don” contained a portion of “Whom The Bells Tolls” (Metallica), as well as “Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix) and “Blackbird” (The Beatles) teases.

Taper Notes: FOB DFC mics raised around 7’ PAS. Board patch and mix thanks to FOH Engineer Eric Crumb.

Thank you to Aqueous and Beanstalk Music Festival for being cool with taping/sharing shows. Go see live music and support your local bands! #spacetapes


ARCHIVE LINK:…/aqueous2022-06-24.StudioProjects…

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4/8 set 2 is pretty fire. All those people that don’t understand why we say spafford jams get too noodly need to listen to that first song. It didn’t overstay its welcome, it didn’t meander, and it built nicely to a great peak.

Not saying spafford can’t do that, just saying aqueous has the chops and can stay legit for every minute of a 30-min long song


They have been on fire this year. I’ve enjoyed all their shows that they’ve slowly been putting on nugs.

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This most recent show on nugs (Chicago) is :fire:. Very good start to finish and the engineer got the message. Quality is really good!

Edit: the Kitty>UPP>TCFY>Kitty is just awesome. A little Dopapod tease in there