All Things Radiohead


I can’t get enough. That dance party climax in Brasil is ingrained in my soul at this point.

Deep Days might be the underdog best song on the album.

I’m really bummed COVID hit before I could catch his show. I had tickets with @mal for his Boston date.


I just listened to Thom Yorke’s Anima for the first time. The vinyl was on sale for super super cheap.

Enormous Radiohead fan but just really not digging this. Need more drugs maybe?

Took a while for it to click for me. Dawn Chorus makes me feel things each time. Check out the Anima short film on Netflix, directed by PTA. Its pretty great.

I’ll certainly give it some more listens in different settings. I owe Yorke that. He’s one of my favorite people on Earth.

The Eraser was incredible but Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes never did it for me either.

i wasn’t super into tomorrow’s modern boxes until i saw it live. translated really well into that setting.

I love interfere the most

It’s an In Rainbows kind of morning


Every couple of months my favorite track on that album changes. It’s a god damn masterpiece


Reckoner will forever be my favorite, but tracks rounding out my top three indeed change with every listen.

Might have to do a track ranking after work. I already know what’s last. Still a masterpiece.

Meant to post yesterday but this sounds pretty cool. Kind of tempted to grab the LP.


House of cards is one of my fav tracks ever. It’s mixed so well, and just chill AF. It’s a good late night cool down yam

Also A Moon Shaped Pool is a masterpiece. That is all

Going to revisit this after Rainbows. I never really gave Moon Shaped Pool the attention it probably deserved.

that material translated so well live it changed the album for me, even though i already liked it going into the shows. such a fantastic record.

It def grew on me over time, and especially when I listened to it on a dope sound system and gave it full attention. Just lit some candles and incense at like midnight one night, lit a J, and listened to full album pretty loud. Day dreaming is a top hadioread song

Yeah Moon is a fantastic record.

Decks Dark is a quintessential song. IMO, it’s a perfect representation of their entire career.

  1. Reckoner
  2. Nude
  3. Weird Fishes
  4. Bodysnatchers
  5. Videotape
  6. All I Need
  7. Jigsaw
  8. House of Cards
  9. 15 Step
  10. Faust Arp

Disclaimer: every song is a 10/10 itself


what about creep?
it’s a weird one,
Why the hell is it not here?
It does belong here…

oh, oh

Twenty years ago today…