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No Radiohead thread on the discourse bort yet huh?

GOAT band. 2020 is an exciting time to be a fan. To be honest, what year isn’t? This year has seen the release of the Radiohead Public Library which has a ton of amazing content.

Ed O’Brien’s debut solo album comes out April 17th. I’m loving the tracks released so far. I get BIG Radiohead vibes from both of them. I think a lot of people don’t realize just how big a part Ed plays in the band’s sound.

LP10 by 2022 hopefully ?

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Saw the email blast about Ed’s album but hadn’t checked out the available tracks yet. Thanks for the reminder.

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Spending today firing through some music I’ve been putting off for some time. Ed’s album is first up.

Top 3 Radiohead albums for y’all? I waiver all the time but as of right now:

In Rainbows
The Bends

OKC, Rainbows, Kid A for me

Ed’s album hasn’t leaked has it ? You meant listen to those two singles?

I can’t ever answer the top album question. It’s way too hard. They’re all my babies.

I thought you said the album was out the other day. I just realized after I listened to the two singles haha. They sound great though. I never got too into Jonnys stuff, although I did like Bodysong and the There Will Be Blood score.

Ya nah just meant the singles. Glad you like them. I’ve been listening to them on repeat for a few days now haha

Pumped for a full EOB tour.

Yeah I usually waiver between Kid A and The Bends but I really love their early, 90’s Alt Rock sound.

I’m the weird guy who has been obsessed with TKOL since I first heard it. I honestly love it just as much as every other album and I’ll never get the hate for that one.

OKC and IR have gotta be the top two. I have a hard time picking #3. I like Amnesiac better than Kid A.

Agreed on that 90s British alt rock sound. The Bends is such a beautiful album.

TKOL and AMSP just don’t resonate with me at all. It just sounds like solo Thom to me. I haven’t listened to either in quite some time so I should go back.

What has always attracted me to Radiohead has been the guitar work. Kid A/Amnesiac are still top tier albums IMO but there are periods I go through thinking HTTT is better than either of those albums.

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TKOL and AMSP are so far removed from what I hear in Thom’s solo work. That’s such a weird take to me.

Give Decks Dark and The Numbers another listen and tell me that either song isn’t the entire band collectively doing what they do best after 30 years in the game. AMSP was a masterpiece.

I think KOL would be such a better album if it had some more of the singles on the actual album. MSP is pretty great but it took me a while to get fully behind it.

Yeah that’s a decent point. Supercollider and The Butcher and The Staircase are three of my favorites. They could have easily included those on the album.


Damn you got me excited for a live quarantine show. It’s just a live broadcast of a 2000 show already available in the Radiohead Public Library.

Pretty cool though

sorry for the let down lmao

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The EOB album is absolutely phenomenal. Highly recommend.

This album sounds like Amnesiac and Beck had a dance party.

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Consider the Source is streaming a Radiohead set right now.

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What a waste of a set for a talented band

Late to the party here, but I’ve listened to the EOB album so much since it came out. Love it.

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