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Post your favorite albums, artists and any good shows coming up in your area

Mainly made this to see if anyone has seen Kamasi Washington. He’s playing at a venue I hate (Calvin) but I’m still very inclined to see him.

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Saw him and Herbie Hancock last fall. Would highly recommend. Kamasi put on a fantastic show.

I’ve been listening to a ton of Julian Lage lately.

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it’s well worth the price of admission.

if you live anywhere near any of these cities, this is a must see band. without a doubt the best live band i’ve ever seen. progressive free jazz, just absolute masters. albums are much more complex, as in a live setting it’s strictly drums, upright bass and piano. shit is out there.

Definitely go see Kamasi. Puts on a great show.

Every year I see some great live jazz, and every time I think to myself “I should really make an effort to get back into jazz in general” and then I immediately forget about it. Been sorta on the hunt for good new-ish big band stuff the last few years. Saw Wynton and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orch back in August and was thoroughly blown away.

Kamasi Washington is money. Also his keyboard player is out of this world.

Speaking of out of this world keyboard players, if you haven’t seen Hiromi Uehara live, have you even seen magic in person?

Kamasi is a fucking legend, go check him out every chance you can. There’s a show of his at the apollo on Amazon Prime. Its a bigger band than normal, but shits lit.

I also listen to Christian Scott and Makaya McCraven a whole bunch. Pioneer’s in the “out there” genre.

Julian Lage is fucking great. I saw him at an opera house last year, he also got pretty wierd with it for just having a trio.

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phenomenal new album from shabaka.

New Miles doc on Netflix is pretty neat. That man slapped hard on his trumpet and his women.

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Didn’t hear about that, I’ll check it out tnx

new irreversible entanglements album is streaming. love this band.

Errbody sleeping on this fusion act out of UK.

swedish chicks rule:

posting some reccs in here to link elsewhere:

chicago/london jazz:
angel bat dawid - the oracle
the comet is coming - trust in the lifeforce of the deep mystery
the comet is coming - the afterlife
jaimie branch - fly or die I & II
jeff parker - suite for max brown
jeff parker - the new breed
jeff parker - the relatives
jeremy cunningham - the weather up there
makaya mccraven - where we come from (chicagoxlondon mixtape)
makaya mccraven - universal beings
shabaka & the ancestors - wisdom of the elders
shabaka & the ancestors - we are sent here by history

accesible jazz of all varieties:
allison miller’s boom tic boom - glitter wolf
aqueduct ensemble - improvisations on an apricot
the bad plus - hurricane birds/activate infinity
badbadnotgood - iv
brad mehldau & mark guilana - mehliana: taming the dragon
chicago underground quartet - s/t
chicago underground quartet - good days
exploding star orchestra - stars have shapes
exploding star orchestra - we are all from somewhere else
gogo penguin - a humdrum star
jaga jazzist - starfire
kamasi washington - the epic
nate wooley - columbia icefield
nicole mitchell/tomeka reid/mike reed - artifacts
sun ra & his arkestra - lanquidity
sun ra & his arkestra - sleeping beauty
sun ra & his arkestra - marshall allen presents: in the orbit of ra
trad gras och stenar - tack for kaffet

entirely improvised and experimental jazz:
adt - insecurities
andrew bernstein - an exploded view of time
anna hogberg - attack
anteloper - kudu
ben lamar gay - downtown castles can never block out the sun
horse lords - the common tast
irreversible entanglements - homeless/global
irreversible entanglements - who sent you?
mette rasmussen & chris corsano - a view of the moon (from the sun)
natural information society - mandatory reality
the necks - three
the necks - body
the necks - open
rob mazurek & emmett kelly - alien flower sutra
sunwatchers - illegal moves
tashi dorji - appa
tashi dorji & tyler damon - both will escape
kuzu - purple dark opal
z’s - noth
z’s - xe


Some of my favorite albums of the last few years I keep coming back to:

And this one is a straight up classic study in group communication:

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been meaning to dive into nubya’s work, thanks for the rec.

You got it! This one is a little more groove based than some of the other stuff I’ve heard, but as you can see by my choices that’s what I prefer :grin:

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