All Things Electronic Music! (House, Techno, DnB)

Fire set of house. Them Detroit folks know how to do it.

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Just lost my virginity to the last hour of this set. Everything after the African vocals track around the 2-hour mark is so hot you have to hydrate extra hard and take your clothes off to cope


@ass you still coming to movement? Working all weekend but I think I’m gonna hit up Mark Farina at Marble Bar on Sunday

I am caming to the D. Sunday night I will be at Tangent for No Way Back. It’s the party I am most interested in attending the whole weekend.

Might do DJ Harvey Friday night. Not sure what all I’m doing Monday. Maybe back to the festival. Maybe back to Tangent for Lot Mass.

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Fosho. We’ll have to link up at some point and at least have a some drinks. I live a walking distance from tangent so maybe hit a close by bar or something? Idk we’ll figure it out. Shoot me a DM at some point and we can exchange info

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Yeah let’s try to pre-game Sunday before our respective parties. Or figure something else out. I’ll reach out.

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You ever heard DJ Harvey Live at Rumors? It was released during the pandemic - it was the soundtrack for multiple k holes with the “wife” over the next few years.

I listened to some of it. Heard some other recordings of his.

This is great. Looking forward to seeing her next Sunday.

Here are a couple I listened to recently while really high on the mawl. Loved them at the time, but maybe it was because drugs?

OK, Asher Perkins is going to the discard pile after listening again today. Bro-y techno. Too much filtering.

Cassy is still a winner.

Don’t care if I’m 20+ years late. This is my summer anthem


DJ Harvey was nuts. Really fucking good.


The Detroit stage has had ridiculously good techno popping off for the past couple of hours.

2lanes and now AK. Definitely seek them out if you like that kinda stuff.

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Taking back my AK endorsement. Her set deteriorated about halfway through. 2lanes was great.

This song is timeless. Never too late to discover a classic.

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On a big Tinlicker kick and this just dropped


Nice nice nice

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Sounds hot.

Taintlicker to you


That was solid, as were the next 3-4 hours of music that followed on autoplay.

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