All Things Electronic Music! (House, Techno, DnB)


Wanted to start a more singular thread for this. Previous bort had too many.

So even if you listen to shitty Tech House, Big Room, and Progressive Deep, you can share and discuss it here (just joking, obv. Post whatever you like.). Or if you are like me and have exceptionally proper taste in house music, this can be a home for that as well. :wink:

Links are encouraged from mixcloud, soundcloud, bandcamp, discogs, youtube, or wherever.

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Gonna start off with something on the deeper side of house from a friend of mine here in St Pete, FL.

Greg Webb 01.05.2020

Treasure Fingers. Nu-Disco, House, Club, Disco, whatever you wanna call it, I like it.

This was fun. Deep house and disco, I guess.

hey there pookie :wink:

I still need to listen to this.

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I can do better! I have new records coming in all the time.

This guy is one of my favorites.

Seeing him again in a couple of months

been all about this mix lately. A little middle eastern but shit gets deep and has been on in my car for a week or so.

this too. two of the best of the progressive realm. if you have 6 hours, please delve.

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Ready to sell my Serato controller and powered studio monitors if anybody is an aspiring bedroom digital dj.

Deep House

I just posted this in the what are you listening to thread also:

United We Stream has been doing free streams every night from Berlin for about 5 hours, which happens to line up with when we work during the day. I’ve heard some really excellent house music on this over the past week or so.

@ass give me some good 4 to the floor funky shit while I hangs in my tmux sessions

Or @kramm

This is a hoppin’ party here.

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Listen to Magic Tape 93 by The Magician on #SoundCloud


The Magician came through St Pete last year. I skipped it because I don’t like the promoter that put it together. :grimacing:

Listen to pretty much anyone of these mixes from defected records - Sam Divine puts together some superb playlists/sets:

I’ve done the same when he’s played super clubby venues in Chicago. Over the last few years his mixes kind of lost me but there’s been some serious heaters lately.

I’m going to be honest with you, I think her and most of the Defected stuff is bubble gum BS house.

But I also have my nose up in the air a lot.