2024/07/06 - State Theatre - Portland, ME

And more new jam vehicles for the band to be excited about mixed in with the classic tunes

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It’s true they’ve pretty much been consistently strong since UMbowl week. The shows leading up to that weekend were hot and nearly every show has been better than average IMO. So far I’d consider this year a strong one.

For where they are at this stage in their career they toured HARD earlier this year- I feel like that was the longest most-dates tour in awhile. It doesn’t surprise me that the rest of this year is falling off. I just looked and they only play 4 more times in July, then a month off, then a run mid-late August, then not much after that.


I wonder why they scrapped doing Halloween shows anymore? I always loved going to those runs.

I forgot how light the second half of the year is going to be for them :disappointed:

The kids are still trick’r’treating. Maybe they’ll start up again once they’re beyond that

They can’t play puppet anymore now that Mitchell is gone, lyrics are in shambles


This Hourglass is a wild ride worth hearing for everyone. This is easily one of the most complete shows I’ve heard in awhile. Love the blissful Escape Goat jam and long exploratory Hiccup → Fussy also.