2024/04/13 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN

2024/04/13 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN

Set One: The Floor, The Silent Type, Booth Love, Padgett’s Profile, Hiccup > Slacker, Interstate Love Song > Dump City

Set Two: Small Strides, All In Time → Uncommon, Attachments [1] > Ringo, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

Encore: The Triple Wide > All In Time

[1] with 1000 Places to See Before You Die tease

Show Notes:
The band left the stage after the Floor for an extended time due to a monitor crash.
last Interstate Love Song 2011-02-04 (1169 shows)

(via @thefussyasianman and twitter, segues a guess)


No further updates from Twitter in like 45 minutes , some responses indicate a stage monitor failure. Unsure of whats up, @thefussyasianman or anyone else know?

Ugh, time to GTB. Sorry for all those there…probably not a quick fix.

They said the whole monitor console crashed. Show is back on. Silent Type, Booth Love so far.

I should have walked away.


Gotta assume a 2024 one setter is guaranteed micro jams and type two vamping.

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Padgett’s. Yes please.

EDIT: implied fort Knox stew. Hopefully they jam out of this like that other version earlier this year


And it was Booth Love, not Bad Friday.

Saw the Twitter post and thought they were just trolling a 1 song set

No jam. I want to leave.

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No clue what that other song was. Police-vibes. Had an interesting theme and they aborted it. Slacker now. Bad show.

Seeing Padgett’s, Hiccup and now Slacker, does that sound right? Also, vibes to all attended, what a kick in the balls



Stone temple pilots or interstate love song?


Good call! Definitely Interstate Love Song. > SFB

LOL it’s Dump City


Been to a few shows from bands where a system fails or power in building goes out

Such an odd concert experience

How has it been since they came back?


Song selection is making up for it. Crowd seems cool with what happened. Shit happens. Proggy industrial night


Two sets apparently

Unsure if this Small Strides is a new set or if they’re going to do a long “encore”, probably encore given that they wrapped at about 11:45 CT last night?

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2nd set. Off at 10:47, back on at 11:02


→ Uncommon

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