2024/03/14 - McDonald Theater - Eugene, OR

Pi day baby

1: Conduit, Moccasins, Hourglass, Half Delayed, Phil’s Farm, Syncopated Strangers, Cemetery Walk

2: Attachments > Crucial Taunt, Wappy Sprayberry > Partyin’ Peeps, Mail Package, Puppet String

Encore: Cemetary Walk II


Are you at the show?

not at the show. twitter setlist

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if timestamps are to be believed, ~10 min jams in hourglass and syncopated

Hourglass (JO) is on the setlist scan, so that’s definitely interesting. Looking forward to seeing what they did there.

Rest of the set is pretty blah.
Set 2: Attachments > Crucial Taunt, Wappy Sprayberry > Partyin’ Peeps, Mail Package, Puppet String
Encore: CW2

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Up on nugs, the track times are promising. 18 minute syncopated and 19 minute CW.

This… was a really solid show. I’ve been on the fence for Seattle, but if I get another one like this in PDX I might have to do it.

Lots of B-quality jams, pretty satisfied overall. 1st set had the better ones.

jams of note:
Hourglass** (of all songs, short tense jam in the middle, longer jam after)
Wappy (seemed to go a bit further than a typical type-I Wappy)

No covers, excellent song selection.


That cem walk timing is fucked up, they restart the ending of synco in the middle and cemetary walk starts again.

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Looks deeece

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Weird, that timing was suspicious but I wanted it to be true.

Just got done listening to Synco. Very nice. Wish they would have let the dance jam develop a touch more but it was nice to see them start something new that wasn’t a generic UM peak. Nice, uplifting peak. Good stuff.

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I thought this show was a great time. Mushrooms helped. Felt like the band was nice and loose and having a good time on stage.
I hope they keep that energy up for the next two nights. It’ll definitely make Seattle harder to pass on.


Nice looking track times. Might have to actually skim this one

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hell yea glad to see the good reviews. hope portland gets some good shows too!

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Thought they went Synco > CW > Synco > CW for a second lol. Too bad

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I had to play it back a few times because I thought the same lol

haha just noticed his



Man this Synco might be my JOTY thus far. Lovely stuff

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I’m intrigued