2024/01/14 - The National - Richmond, VA

Set I: Bathing Digits > Plunger, Mad Love, Uncle Wally, KaBump > Hiccup, The Crooked One > Small Strides

Set II: Maybe Someday, Attachments > Haji, Staircase > Day Nurse > Hey 19 > Mulche’s Odyssey

E: Slacker

Just guessing based off of Twitter/x posts

Read on the 'book that the Crooked One was hot!


This show looks very nice.

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Sans Hiccup that’s an incredible looking set for 2024

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Hiccup has grown on me

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Hiccup is like the 4th best jam vehicle off AFAF FWIW….

(Small Strides,Escape Goat,Pure Saturation)


Hiccup was standalone :frowning:

Some of the best jams I saw of 2023 was Hiccup


Well that’s a waste of a Hiccup. The National is a pretty solid venue for Umphrey’s shows so I’m disappointed we didn’t get a short jam in it tonight. How was the Small Strides?

Come on Lions

Sorry wrong thread


How big is this Staircase jam or just delayed updates?

Oh my thread wasn’t good enough?

Show sucked.

Thank you Alyssa for that crooked. Happy 100th!

To be fair, neither are delivering

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Just like this show didn’t deliver

Set me up nicely for that one

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Buttered noodles because first set was the equivalent of saying “what’s for dinner” then grabbing the quickest and easiest thing… noodles and butter. Taste’s good but it’s far from special


I think we just posted the setlist at the same time. Glad you had fun!

Wally Kabump and Crooked in the same set is pretty good for my tastes.

How was the Mad Love though?


Don’t trust the ‘book