2023 JOTY Discussion

1.12 Got Your Milk (Right Here)
1.12 Small Strides
1.12 Ringo
1.14 Silent Type
1.15 Draconian
1.19 Kabump
1.19 2x2
1.21 Escape Goat
1.26 Plunger
1.27 Mantis
1.29 Utopian Fir
1.29 Wappy
2.2 Resolution
2.4 Draconian
2.4 2x2


I really liked the GYM from n1 of DC too but that Silent Type is definitely tops for me so far. Haven’t listened to Bethlehem yet…


I think DC n1 Ringo might be my favorite so far


I would prob include 1.15 Draconian. Super sick groove, good enough that they didn’t even feel the need to deliver a peak.


01/14/23 - Silent Type
01/12/23 - -GYM(RH)
01/12/23 - Small Strides

Those are the.three that stand out the most so far, IMO.

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This Ringo didn’t really do it for me. I liked the Milk and Small Strides though.

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The Silent Type is the best one on the list so far

I have only listened to 1/12. I’ll get around to listening to it eventually

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1/21 Escape Goat


I think that Ringo is all about the 12-19m section which is good not great.

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I agree, it shouldn’t be on this list.

I liked Looks from 1/13 more than the Ringo :rofl:

I thought the Kabump and 2X2 from 1/19 was good stuff.

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01/12 - Got Your Milk ( Right Here)
01/14 - The Silent Type
01/21 - Escape Goat

These are the three that stand out the most to me after trimming the fat, and would be the bolded jams if it was old bort.


Don’t see that escape goat sticking around long. I expect better versions as the years go on. Just listened again for second time. Not even sure itd be a top 3 version of 2022

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From what I’ve listened so far it’s gotta be that Silent Type. Imo best jam since 2019


Agree, its easily number 3 for me right now. Only have 5 things on playlist so far. Those 3 plus Small Strides and 2x2.

I dunno I love this Escape Goat. The first part of the jam isn’t too unusual but is executed well but the second section is even better. Love those textures that Bayliss introduces around 12m, this jam gets a bit further out there than any of the other versions.

Completely agree that the Silent Type is the best jam I’ve heard in forever. A true emotional dance party reminiscent of some 2011 shit that is so rare these days.

Still think 1/19 Kabump > 2x2 is criminally underrated.