2023/09/14 - The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT

(8:10ish) No Crying in Mexico > The Haunt → ALB, IDKWIW, FF → Draco, In Bloom (9:27)

(9:57) Girlfriend is Better, Bridgeless → Much Obliged → Glory > Bridgeless, Booth Love > Cem 2

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Cem 1

Mexico through ALB with Jake on drums, rest of the show with Mike Greenfield (Lotus) on drims


Helluva start. Love the Haunt popping up again!

Great jam in Haunt. Started with a big BB solo and then went through some funk/bluegrassy > weird stuff > ALB

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Love the dog selection so far. Second FF of the year…

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Really interesting set. Looots of improv, some more successful than others. Sorta feel like I’m watching them relearn to play softly in real time

Edit: really interesting show in general. Could kinda see them feeling each other out and leaning more and more into mike’s grooves over the course of the show. Second set jams had some really cool grooves, particularly the Booth. Peaks were pretty sloppy imo. Idk why Jake and bb forgot how to harmonize with each other


Mf’er said drims

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B- show for me.

  • Haunt was great to see, granted I was chomping (for shame!) for the first half of the killer bayliss solo

  • liked that they put a jam early in IDKWIW but didn’t love the actual jam

  • MO was a treat

  • draco was the highlight of the night, jam-wise

  • wouldn’t usually be stoked on a 3 cover night but i love all 3 of those songs and they were played well, albeit standard. 50 ways did put a smile on my face cuz I chased it pretty hard to no avail in my early years


damn, fucken love this cover. 294 show gap


One of my fave sing alongs.

Barring booth and the encore, this is my ideal setlist

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I think I agree with @matt that booth was the highlight. Super cool sorta dnb jam

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Veeeeeery cool looking setlist, would have absolutely loved this if I was there. That first set…

2 jams in Draco but they were meh?

Single 11ish min jam in draco. I remember it being solid.

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Only made it through S1, but thought the Haunt and Draco held up really well. FF was decent, but a bit of a mess

So damn cool to see The Haunt and Atmosfarag in the rotation again. And this Haunt has a great jam! Bayliss is in extremely fine form and Jake is absolutely holding it down.

FF > Draco woah. That smokes. I think Mike is absolutely crushed it with them


HOF worthy Draco.


this show rules

It’s weird hearing Bayliss way louder in the mix than Jake for a lot of this show but is refreshing to hear Bayliss leading jams again.


Agreed :fire:

Listened to this show earlier today. It definitely has some nice highs. I really enjoy Mike Greenfield’s drumming. He’s been the best guest drummer so far IMO.