2023/09/14 - The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT

Big thing I noticed all weekend this week is that BB was doing the majority of the jam direction in a way I hadn’t noticed before. Almost all the instrument dropouts/breaks are his calls as well as a good chunk of the chord changes. Only saw Jake call changes once


It honestly is pretty incredible and tells you a lot about Mike and the rest of UM that their first show playing together is this tight and well executed. Tbh this is a no doubt SOTY contender.


Yah, Mike killed it for this show. Surprised at the booth fluff cause it didn’t do much for me…thought the Bridgeless was song of the night and Drac was better too.

i relistened to the show and agree - draco wins. and first half of bridgeless quite good too

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This. Easily a highlight of 2023 UM.