2023/08/20 - Soundcheck Studios - Pembroke, MA

I: Slacker, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Orfeo, Much Obliged, Push & Pull, Push the Pig, Cheap Sunglasses, Small Strides

II: All in Time, Wife Soup, Draconian, [fire alarm break]* > Draconian, Remind Me, 1000 Ways to Die [1], Bridgeless

E: Comfortably Numb > All in Time

*FTP, Brendan Bayliss
[1] Cory Schtechman (Spafford) on sax


Pedalboard issues for Bayliss in both songs so far tonight

omg he is literally me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Derailed some delicious Bayliss at the end of this tribute

Pretty sure they just swapped Bayliss whole board out lol

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Jake just broke a string lol turning out to be a rough first set for these guys



Oldschool vibes with that setlist writing. Other than Push&Pull which is hardly ever played; and a fine breather song.

One AFAF song thats a jam vehicle is fine. Weird to see Small Strides pop up in the same weekend

Cheap Sunglasses - LTP - 2021-11-12 - 142 shows

Nothing more than 3-4 mins jamwise but dug PTP and Strides

Ugh. This is a celebration for JAMBase, not StandardBase…Plz bring the improg…


You’re meaning to tell me they let Bayliss handle the very Jake-centric Tribute by himself? That must have been interesting, equipment issues aside…

Dangit, I’ll never see Orfeo :frowning:

45 min Bisco-esque setbreak

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Bayliss absolutely butchered the intro it was rooooough

AIT was great. Thought it was getting aborted but locked into an awesome groove 5-6 mins in. Best jam of the night

Omg fire alarm is going off right now. One of the biggest shitshow UM shows I’ve been at lol


Lol was wondering what that was on the stream

Fire alarm drac FTW. Short but they were locked in on that groove

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Lol oh no, last fire alarm at a show?

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That ATL show in 02 or 04 maybe? The dude who runs this place is such a wook so this isn’t a surprise