2023/08/18 - Pier Six Pavilion - Baltimore, MD

Set I: Resolution [1] > 2x2 [1], Attachments [2] > Morning Song [2], Wappy Sprayberry [3] > Let’s Dance [4]

Set II: Miss Tinkle’s Overture [3], Staircase [3] > 1348 [3] > Young Lust [3] > 1348 [3], Night Nurse [3] > Gulf Stream [3], Jessica [3]

E: Escape Goat [3]

[1] w/ Jake on drums
[2] w/ Andy on drums
[3] w/ Duane Trucks on drums
[4] w/ Duane Trucks on drums & Michael Palmisano on guitar
Young Lust LTP 1/25/19 (306 shows)

from twitter, no idea on segues


Bullshit they can’t do the sound board stream tonight. Looks like some good room for sweet, warm Bayliss tones…

I was just thinking about how he never got invited back with UM.


It seemed like people gave him a lot of shit but honestly c’mon, I’m happy for the dude, gets to live his rockstar dream with a band like UM. If I should be so lucky…

Also very happy to see Andy and Jake on kit again to start. With a 6 song set they definitely went deep on some of these.


His YT stuff is cringe but im stoked for him sitting in. Wasn’t meaning my post to sound negative, but just legit had him on the mind yesterday thinking of his sit-in and if he would turn up again.


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He’s barely a YouTube influencer. He’s probably not traveling to sit-in with any band. UM has been back to Baltimore like once(?) since the last sit-in? Not like he’s had many chances


1348 > Young Lust > 1348 & Night Nurse > Gulf Stream look fun.

Still curious if/what drummer will fill in for WBG.

Excited to listen to tomorrow’s show. Keep the momentum going without Kris!


What. A. Show. Oldschool start with Reso>2x2, 2 that originally didnt have Jake so it made sense to incorporate Jake’s drum sit-ins with that in mind. Attachments jams was a dance party. Wappy>Let’s Dance is a great idea. That whole 2nd set+encore was ca$h money. Love that emphasis on the upbeat Duane was throwing down in the jams tn, gave the improv a different feel. What a way to start a ter!

Nice hanging with you for the 2nd set @solvethebox


Honestly… UC5 is the goat


Hell of a show. It was refreshing to hear them with different drummers and with Jake off guitar for a couple tracks, the improve seemed a lot more patient. Yeah there were more covers than normal but I’ll take all of them, they were executed so well. Was surprised to hear Duane getting in on the bounceback, not sure which song, maybe Tinkle’s or NN? Can’t wait to listen back to this and real excited for Asheville now.




nice to hear positive reports!

Weird that they haven’t Nugs’d this yet.

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the UC5 arc is very redeeming

it’s not all rainbows and unicorns fam


On the NFT umphreys.xyz thing they noted that live audio stream and recording would not be available due to venue restrictions. Wonder if that means there will be no board upload on nugs? Anyone there see any tapers?

We’re talking about that over in the nugs thread. Sounds like it’s confirmed no SBD because of union restrictions.

That said, I just got the recording from the taper, and even after just a preliminary scan through, this show is easily the strongest of the weekend. The opening Reso > 2x2 is really great


Ah ok. Thought it was weird initially bc Billy and the Kids’ show from the same venue streamed just 2 days prior, but maybe they were good paying out. Tape going up on archive?

Yeah, he’ll be putting up a few different versions

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