2023/04/28 - Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre - Wilmington, NC

2023/04/28 - Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre - Wilmington, NC

Set 1 (6:30-7:50): Spires (outro JO) > Day Nurse > Similar Skin (JO), Anchor Drops > The Crooked One (JO) > Sweetness > Upward[1], Syncopated Strangers

Set 2 (8:18-9:34): Bridgeless > Professor Wormbog, Miami Virtue[2] > In the Kitchen, Believe the Lie

Encore: The Fuzz > Bridgeless

[1] Last played 2021-08-06; 137 show gap
[2] Pipeline jam


Another audio stream special setlist thread. I originally had tickets to this show last year, so watch it be a heater now…

Early show. Damn

Always how it is there. Super early curfew.

Nice start actually! Spires was uplifting dance > dark dance (8-9 min.) Both sections had lots of space to breathe in them - total opposite of last weekend.

Great start for my tastes

Awesome! They played Day Nurse! Did they know it’s my birthday or something? Now they need to play The Linear and Booth Love.


Sim Skin was good too! They’re riding the laid back uplifting groove hard tonight (though this had an intense-ish peak, unlike Spires), but they’re giving these lots of space to breathe, both in the mix and timewise. 3 songs, no stops, 40 minutes, not much to complain about

EDIT: Crooked was great too. Slow groovy progginess to start, Things finally picked up speed and got really intense in the peak, which was also a well executed key change. Then smooth drop back down to reprise the slower part for a sec - perfect segue into Sweetness.

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Hoping for an Always October tonight

Dang it Umphrey’s. Like a 2 minute version of Sweetness, half the band thought they were going to jam and half weren’t so it awkwardly faded out, and now Bayliss is getting his obvious cables on. Bleh. Just a small blemish on a great set though.


Wow, sounds like Example 1 confirming why Upward is the worst Umphrey’s song.


Nothing like starting Syncopated Strangers 69 minutes into the set…heh…

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Digging the look of the setlist so far

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Somehow, we had time for a 4-minute Synco jam 72 minutes into the set which mostly consisted of Stasik playing around with the effects pedal and Joel holding that dark D chord, but hey, it grooved well enough, so go for it.

Joel 1000% wrote this setlist. Gotta love it.


A whole set with nothing new or even newish. Wow! Let’s goooooooo


A full 2nd set DBK LFG…

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Ugh I missed Crooked > Sweetness by one night. FML


“Nothing new or even newish”. Yeah, I guess Similar Skin is 9 years old now. Fuck, I’m wasting my life over here :slight_smile:


Is @WOLFpacker16 having himself a time?


All about that first set dog selection