2023/04/15 - Miami Beach Bandshell - Miami, FL

2023/04/15 - Miami Beach Bandshell - Miami, FL

Set 1: Bridgeless > Walletsworth, Small Strides, Miss Tinkle’s Overture, New Wings, Attachments > Bridgeless

Set 2: Wizard Burial Ground, Nothing Too Fancy > I Ran > Nothing Too Fancy, Puppet String, Booth Love > 1348 > Hajimemashite > 1348

Encore: In the Kitchen


Trying out the audio stream tonight because I’m REALLY bored. Attachments was pretty good! Nice multi-section jam though they cut the 2nd a bit short. Small Strides was also solid. New Wings was standard. Tinkle’s had the Anchor Drops intro.


No improv whatsoever in first three songs of 2nd set :frowning: Boo hiss. WBG and N2F back to back would otherwise be cool though.


ITT: @kev347 talks to himself. Nice.


I’m all for it- @kev347 wasn’t it you who wrote that amazing description of the 4/21/07 show on the og bort?

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Also this seems fucking weird to me for a 2nd set

I’m the last person that is going to get mad at someone for talking to themselves online.

This show looks weird. Hope the Small Strides was another banger.


Haha. Thanks for joining all. The show is a little weird. It was weird to start the 2nd set with 25 minutes with no improv. They tried to make up for it with a longer-than-usual Fancy reprise, but I don’t think it was an especially spectacular one. Puppet had a good, but not great funk jam (definitely the highlight of this set though), and Booth is putting me to sleep as per usual currently.

I don’t recall writing an elaborate description of the 4/21/07 show, but maybe? :slight_smile:


Well either way you seem like a stand up dude and I’m usually on the same page with you on shows/versions


kev and the currently replying Bron Yr Aur have two of the best opinions on UM on this board IMO.


Thanks! Appreciate it.

No jam in 1348. Pussy ass Haji’d :frowning:

Yeah, this second set looks really weird. Looks like a BB setlist with too many songs. I mean N2F is at least 12-13 mins, Wizard is 10 mins, Booth 7 mins, Puppet 7 mins, 1348 maybe 6, Haji and I Ran 5…that’s probably 52-55 mins of composition plus down time between songs.

The really weird part is Wizard > Fancy. I agree this is definitely a Bayliss set but usually he wouldn’t stack that much instrumental all together like that. I would say that could be cool sometimes, but the way this ended up playing out was pretty weird.

Joel in setlist jail all week FTL. Bayliss > Wade > Stasik > Bayliss again

Not a single 5 song set this run. Sad.


Really? Wizard & N2F are cool compositions at least. The Puppet/Booth/1348/Haji part of this set just looks so fucking boring. That is straight festy set material.

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Weird doesn’t mean bad in this case. I definitely would enjoy it if I saw UM live and they played Wizard and N2F back to back. But I’ve noticed that especially Bayliss tends to split up instrumentals so it’s pretty unusual to see two long instrumentals placed back to back. And then after that very unusual start, festival set 101, yes. Weird vibes.

This Kitchen jam is well above average for an encore jam at least. Bounceback between a funk A section > possibly prewritten uplifting B section.

Lots of stuff played the last few nights I don’t want to see in Arkansas Wednesday so I am excited.


S2 is my UM hell. Wizard and N2F with no improv just kill a huge chunk of the set. Booth Love > 1348, but with Haji. OMG! So glad this wasn’t streamed on nugs. I actually sat down at set break to watch set 2. Glad I didn’t waste my time. Legit on of the worst set lists one paper for me.


Alright, someone take BB’s watch lol. 2 songs with the exact same timestamp in a row (Strides & Tinkles)… That 1st set is miles away from the 2nd set. Bridgeless got 5 minutes, SStrides got 7, Tinkles also got 7, jamtachments got 9. 2nd set jumped off a cliff other than some interesting dog selection.

I liked the idea of 2 strong instrumentals opening the set & ordering of songs. N2f I Ran sammy looks fun. For improv a 5 minute Puppet & type 1 Booth are pretty much it for the in the 2nd set. 1348 no jam > Haji sandwich is just… weird. Woulda worked better with a jam. Especially that late in the set. They gave an effort in Kitchen so i appreciate that. To those who went, hope ya had fun!

Idk why, but i feel like this run left something to be desired. Didn’t seem as fun as what the beginning of the year was churning out.

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