2023/03/05 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR

Taken from Twitter

Set I: There’s No Crying In Mexico, Cut the Cable (JO), Staircase**, Hurt Bird Bath, Whistle Kids (sped up JO), Higgins, Slacker, Bad Friday*

Set II: The Silent Type, Conduit*, Attachments (JO)*, The Floor, In the Kitchen (JO), Looks, Escape Goat > End Kitchen

Encore: All In Time*

*with Steve Berlin and Sean McLean on Sax


Turbo Whistle Kids?

Do they still have that weird barrier that separates the crowd?

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That whole show looks painfully Bayliss



Looks like bayliss was horny last night

too many songs with guests for my liking


7 song second set with horns seems fine

Maybe if Escape Goat opened the set.

Full on Bayliss boner going on here. Bad Friday and Whistle Kids in the same set is troll level lol.

Show was pretty bad. Honestly one of the worst I’ve been to in my UM watching career. It had moments here and there but the set list was absolutely pitiful.

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setlist wise, woof. jamming wise, meh. crystal ballroom’s sound is so bad. i am a sucker for horns - and i appreciated that they didn’t just come out for a one-off cover, but rather left and came back a few times and played on original tunes.

i didn’t know staircase was staircase, as i hadn’t listened to the single, yet - but cool to pad stats with another debut, i guess.

i think bad friday was my highlight, if i have to choose

Why does UM do PDX so dirty year after year.

Got to meet @swb0nd ! Did not meet @AlexTheDictator , but I did walk by a bunch of dudes who looked like his avatar.


this time, i blame sweet lou. they could have used any/all time acknowledging their birthday by playing more music

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Do they have anywhere better to play in Portland that would make sense size wise? I didn’t like Crystal ballroom when I saw them there. Sectioning off 21+ and under 21 was some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen a venue do.

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This is the current project that hopefully happens.


club laga in pittsburgh had a chain link fence cage in the back to contain those who were 21+ and wanted to drink

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Four surprise songs with horns at a one-off show is way too many, I’m sorry. Even if they all are originals.

I guess I’ll skim through this before Saturday to make Saturday sweeter when I get there…Staircase debut is good at least. It’s one of the better songs in this show!

EDIT: Oh wow, just opened Nugs and Attachments and Looks are both standard. Yikes.

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They were due for a stinker.

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I was scrolling through the twitter feed this morning and kept seeing “with so and so on saxophone” and was pretty confused. Odd that they kept bringing them back out.

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