2023/03/04 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA

2023/03/04 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA

I: You Got The Wrong Guy > 1348 > Half Delayed, Ordinary Times > Bridgeless [1], Draconian, Small Strides > 1348

II: Glory > Puppet String > Pure Saturation > Wappy Sprayberry > Remind Me, Whitehouse Road > Puppet String

E: Push the Pig > Den

[1] w/ For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica) teases

Started streaming at the beginning of Bridgeless, so not sure on the segues before that

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this Bridgeless jam is :cook: :kiss:
also Draconian, Small Strides


For Whom The Bell Tolls tease there at the end of the Bridgeless jam.

Ayy, standalone Bridgeless

Bridgeless was cool but this set list blows.

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Idk, let’s give this Draconian a chance… she’s getting legs

Small Strides.

vocals have gotten better in this one. Hope this jam is decent

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Jake’s riffs in this Puppet jam reminding me a bit of the 2/4 Draconian

Ok this Wappy is dope.

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This second set is actually pretty hot overall so far.


This set rips

Love that Wappy is absolutely back.


Remind Me might be my favorite jam of the run. Another pretty solid show.

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Whitehouse Road is one of there better covers in recent years. S/O my 3/30/19 Ryman debut fam


Bayliss also lied, this isn’t the band’s first Seattle sellout. They sold out the Market in 2018, too.

Fun show to listen to. Highlights for me were jams in Bridgeless, Draconian, Remind Me, and Pig.

And Whitehouse Road was fun too.

Nugs release the tapes dammit

Dropped in Nugs.

Made it up to Bridgeless, and that is some good shit.


Track times look great! Going to listen to this one in full. YGTWG is my favorite intro

This Bridgeless and Draconian absolutely fuck

I’m a little high but this is my favorite show of the year so far. Just finished first set and damn I love it. Pardon my fluff

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