2023/03/04 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA

Just downloaded it and I’ll be listening to it later tonight.

Kinda bummed that I had to miss this one but on the other hand, my granddaughter and I had quite the bonding time last night!


If she was anything like you she would have gotten the fuck down with that back-to-back Bridgless Draco.


So, funny story about her. She was crying uncontrollably and I played Enter Sandman on my phone. She immediately calmed down and even smiled!

My daughter was like “Enter Sandman? Really, Dad?” :rofl:

My granddaughter has great taste, what can I say?


What was the repeated jimmy stew in Remind Me? I swear I heard that riff before a long time ago

I heard some 8/27/04 Ninja somewhere in the 2nd set, think it was Remind Me


That’s it! Love that stew.

Excellent show all around. Really great crowd. Was definitely the first time they sold out Seattle. Glad to see the Seattle jam scene finally stepping up. I’ve seen them for every Seattle show since I moved here in 2012 and I’ve seen some kinda sparse crowds before.

Acoustics in the Showbox were top notch. There are way too many venues where the music is too loud, muffled, poorly balanced, reverbing. But Showbox was actually quite crispy. I had some headphones too so that was even better.

Sad I had to miss the rest of the PNW tour.


Joel’s main riff in the Bridgeless jam is so nasty

Bridgeless/Draconian best jams of the show, up there in top 10 of the year in my opinion.

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Have not seen this handle in so long, I hope you are doing well!

Doing excellent my dude, thanks! Been healthy and clear for 7.5 years. Just got married last fall. Loving life


I remember you posing about this back then, but then I remember an update later where you did some big pitch that you nailed. That’s fucking awesome man, thrilled to hear you are great! If I still lived in Seattle I’d say let’s meet up!

Really like the second half of this Remind Me jam. I have a love/hate relationship with this song. Some decent improv usually, but GD I cannot stand the drawn out ending. Just seems to go on and on and always kills my buzz after a solid jam. With that said, as soon as the jam ends, it’s a perfect extended pee/drink break ending.

More times than none it kills/aborts a jam as well due to Jake having to direct things into his chugging section.

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This time they didn’t, it was an abrupt stop with a power chord to lead in.

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Love it. Will listen soon


Woof. This Bridgeless jam is a jumbled fucking mess

At the beginning of the Wappy jam, it kind of sounds like Stasik is teasing Konichiwa by Donny Benét.

edit: actually pretty much throughout the entire jam

This Draconian is a heater, song has been delivering big this year.


Small Strides too

At around the 9 min mark, Bayliss gives the same riff as the Asheville 2017 Puppet

Wappy > Remind Me is pretty solid stuff. This show looks extremely boilerplate on paper but the jams actually deliver pretty well.