2023/03/03 - McDonald Theater - Eugene, OR

I: Nip Trix> I Don’t Know what I want, Fenced In, World is Running Down you make the best of what’s still around> Wizard, Resolution> Much Obliged> Tinkles

II: Robot World>Uncommon> 40’s, Weight Around> DBK> Intentions Clear> DBK

E: Domino Theory

Taken via Twitter

Notes:IDKWIW(JO), World is running (long JO), Reso(JO), Robot(JO)>Uncommon (JO), Intentions (first JO).
Silent Type or Draconian cut from encore

Set List


Pumped for wtwird and set opening robot. Exactly what I’m looking for in an UM show these days as far as what I hope a setlist would contain


I’m assuming that the 1st JO after IC means they only did the 1st verse of IC.

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Couldn’t have been that long of a JO if they fit 7 other songs in the set

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Luckily it’s a 2 min song

It probably just is denoting that Intentions is subbing in the 1st jam slot of DBK and not the 2nd.


Wizard is pretty long but …


The rest of the songs are shorter so there’s more room for improv


2nd set looks fun.

That was a solid show. Nothing jam of the year potential, but plenty of good jams sprinkled throughout. Everything is at least 10 years old besides the first segment!

Jams in just about everywhere you’d expect. IC placement was odd.

Got to me meet @djponyfunk , what a gem.


Wow, World is Running Down clocks in at almost 18 mins

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I do love seeing Uncommon pop up, that song has a special place in my heart. First song I ever heard of theirs that got me interested way back in highschool.

Love Robot World, Reso, Tinkle’s, Wizard, MO, this show looks really great

WTWIRD and Uncommon are the highlights for me I think, and the Domino encore gets to a sweet place. Robot and Wizard were nice treats. Good times all around. The “wife” liked the poster so now I have that in my life.
Great to meet @sabretooth and @OSUmBeaverPhreak and @Albert_Ross!
Let’s keep this up.


World is running rips.

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Best WTWIRD since Canopy '12.

Probably one of the better jams period to come out of a cover since then. Although i was pretty disconnected for awhile.

This will probably make its way into my top 10 for the year.


I feel like the floor for jam quality out of Talking Heads and Police covers is pretty high; don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by a jam out of one.

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Bend is better, but its my favorite jam so far out of the Pac NW shows.

Interesting you say that, everyone who was at the show tonight and last night said Eugene is the better show.

But now I’m curious to give a listen.

I definitely prefer Bend

Edit: really surprised folks would prefer Eugene. Setlist maybe


Curious how this WTWIRD will compare to the greatest jam out of a cover of all time by any band ever (Baldwinsville Hey 19)