2023/01/15 - Wind Creek Event Center - Bethlehem, PA

01/15/23- Wind Creek Event Center-Bethlehem, PA

Set I: Similar Skin > Robot World > Wife Soup, Maybe Someday, In the Kitchen > Roulette > Mulche’s Odyssey

Set II: Hurt Bird Bath, Fenced In, August > Out of Order > Draconian > In the Kitchen

E: 40’s Theme

Via UM Twitter - Not sure on segues


This Drac :fire:

Drac probably the winner, but RW, HBB1, and August all had some good stuff. r


Fenced In very clear odd man out in an otherwise really nice looking set

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This set looks like exactly what I would hope for from a random middle of nowhere Sunday on paper. Nice!


Fun times were had tonight! Some really solid stews. RW, August, Draconian & the opening SS were quite solid.

Notable: Kitchen, Roulette, OoO

What a weekend! \mm/

Now crushing some dominos, sunday fundaaaay


Wasn’t impressed by Sim Skin, Jake kinda ruined that jam, but the Robot World that follows is pretty sick for a 6min jam.

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Looks like Joel wrote all the setlists this weekend except Friday (based on formatting). Maybe BB really is in jail? :slight_smile:


Agreed I was really digging this RW

Yeah this robot world slaps

Edit: this draconian fucks too


This looked a bit like Stasik to me…but August >OoO >Draco>Kitchen might be too pretty for him.


Looks great

The August>OoO>Draconian was a :fire: segment live. Pumped to give it a relisten.

Really liked the venue surprisingly.


I was thinking the same. Looks good paper. Well written setlist. Fussy would’ve been nice

This is a really cool show. I think Saturday’s improv is ever so slightly better as a whole, but I like this setlist a lot more, so I might have enjoyed it evenly. They are both great though.

One thing I want to give a shoutout to is Kitchen. That dual guitar line between Jake and Bayliss towards the end is awesome and the type of stuff we’ve been missing. Then I enjoy the heavy transition key change part that goes so smoothly into Roulette. They cover a lot of ground in that last 90 seconds there. Give me these transitions any day over the 2 minutes of ambient noise :slight_smile:

This Bath is a weird one. 23 minutes is very long, but it’s not overly notable. The first jam is nice though because it’s a rare HBB jam that ISN’T in the same key/mode as the return is going to be, and it has a nice jazzy feel before dropping back in. The second jam…well, let’s just say I’m not even entirely sure what they’re doing :slight_smile: I’ve heard some good HBBs that milk the re-entrance but this one just kind of meanders in circles. But if they take chances like this, this one HBB jam is a small price to pay for things like The Silent Type from this weekend.

The Robot jam also covers a lot of ground in a very short time. Typical heavy menacing Robot jam > a bit more uplifting but still heavy > drop back in > end. I appreciate their increasing willingness to stop after a jam when they need to also rather than always being obsessed with getting to the next song.

I was thinking this in the moment. I haven’t listened back because I knew it was a train wreck live. No idea what they were doing, I don’t think they did either. I do appreciate their patience over the weekend. Sometimes it produces something like this!

I was at N1 DC and N4 Bethlehem. Had a blast at both. My favs from the weekend (both live and listening) - Milk, Small Strides, Ringo, The Silent Type, Ocean Billy, RW, HBB1, and Drac. I’m sure it will get played out for me soon, but GD I’m loving Small Strides so much right now!


Got some Muff II vibes here.

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During HBB Jake was having some type of technical difficulty. From where I was standing it looked like some kind of issue with his Jake blade. I’m assuming this was the cause of the meandering.

I thought that was early on, not during “jam” 2. Or Jam1 > back into HBB. I could be misremembering though

Kitchen > Roulette is gorgeous