2022/09/02 - Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA

Set I: Le Blitz > The Silent Type, 2x2, Cemetery Walk > Cemetery Walk II, I Don’t Know What I Want > Bad Friday, I Wanna Be Your Lover [¹]

Set II: October Rain → Always October, The Floor, North Route, All In Time, Small Strides, Push The Pig, It Doesn’t Matter > All In Time

E: Mulche’s Odyssey

[1] - Corey Frye on vocals


Incredible show thru the encore.

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Nikos notes:

2x2 was really good, the third or so jam section was like a psychedelic doom sounding thing. The I wanna be your lover was jammed out pretty good too.

As for set 2 the always October got opened up nicely, the floor had a good heavy jam, small strides got a good size jam (and I think this is where they threw in a Cant you see jam with full lyrics. The idm was turbo with a very type 1 first jam then an expanded type 2 later. End all im time had a short jam that brought in some Baba o’Reilly finale teases.

Lastly the mulche got a stasik slap bass jam that was good.

Even though there were a lot of songs there were also a ton of jams (and exploratory ones at that). The jams leaned strongly into the heavy, metally, chuggy side of things, and there was more dancy and experimental stuff than usual imo. Interesting that they not only did a cover but then had 2 tease jams, not as common right now. Not a fan of the song selections but the jams were good enough. Best part might have been making some new friends (heyo Sean and Kelly, doubt you’re borters but your show counts are high enough to be)…bet some of you know them



Your notes and pics are very much appreciated. I got excited to listen to this one as soon as I read ‘heavy/chuggy/metal/dance/experimental’


Good to see North Route alive and well. First one in 133 shows (2/26/20 which is the one with that big jam.) Looks like a Stasik setlist.


Isn’t this every UM show in a nut shell, for the most part?


Some more than others forsure

God I hate CW>CW2


Looks pretty meh on paper but it seems like they are playing really long sets lately and am interested to hear this 2x2 and Bad Friday.

No no

Yah, set 2 with encore was about 90min, wasn’t paying good enough attention for set 1 but was probably around 80

Man last night was great. BF was prob jam of the show. Tons of improv last night. I was surprised how good the sound was bc any concert room that’s set is like the eagles ballroom instantly makes me assume it’s going to be trash.

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Up on nugs my friends


BF is joty worthy

2x2 has it’s moments. BF is as good as advertised. Whole 2nd set is pretty decent. A- show.

I think A- is fair only bc a lot of the jams came out of tunes I would never put on a setlist. If I could write a setlist and have this improv included in the tunes I wanted it would be SOTY for me. Silent type, CM2, BF, Small Strides & Pig (had been a minute so was nice) are not songs that get me excited but front to back this show smoked

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Proggy Floor jam is sick, very crunchy and heavy but not overly reliant on simplistic chug riffs, there is some legit spookiness in this jam.

I thought the Bad Friday was just OK, the first half of the jam is just way too messy w/ Jake and Joel really playing on top of each other a lot. Once Joel got on the prophet for the build it improved though.

Maybe the best version of Small Strides yet here.

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Amen to this.

Overall, while I was perfectly satisfied with last night’s stream in Oakland, the highs hit much higher on this show. They’re simply in much more of an experimental mode. The almost ambient-type smooth jam out of Push the Pig that continues at a faster pace in IDM. The Floor. The ridiculously weird, awesome Bad Friday (a song that never goes type 2 but this version - whew!). Another crunchy dark Small Strides (though I like the St. Louis one a hair better.) Even the ridiculous 2-minute slap bassline jam in Mulche’s. Other than the Can’t You See jam, there’s like 27 jams in this show and somehow everything fits and works. 78 minutes for both set 1 and set 2. Good stuff!