2022/02/17 - Kemba Live - Columbus, OH

Set I: (8:03)

Miami Virtue>Crucial Taunt, Half Delayed>Red Tape, Number 5, Whistle Kids->Wizard Burial Ground (9:08)

Set II: (9:40)

Pay the Snucka 1&2>Bad Friday, Draconian, Speak Up>Robot World>The Weight Around>Snucka 3->Immigrant Song>Snucka

E: Kimble>Partyin Peeps

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Number 5 was very good.

Red tape?

B-, maybe. I did have my hopes up for a monster though so maybe that’s on me.

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Whistle Kids getting some treatment here.

Miami Virtue had rehearsed jam I think. I kept trying to place it, but could never put my finger on it.

Clearly the other thread has it right. Emptiest I’ve ever seen it in this venue. There are clear avenues to the bathroom, which is not a good sign for UM.

Other thread? I didn’t see one. I’m already over doing this, if someone else is.

I just mean the thread about UM peaking lol.


It is extremely empty and I’m enjoying that.


Curious how tomorrow will be. The Anthem is huge

If you’re on the rail behind the floor, come say hi.

Are the bathrooms notoriously hard to get to? If so, you’re probably looking at a mostly empty show. Just playing the odds here.

All time disappointment Robot>Weight, there was so much potential.


Fantastic show from the perspective of going to the show Saturday and not wanting to see any of these songs. Good job BOIS


Especially first set. Second set looks fun. Pumped for Saturday!!


Can I help you?


Wouldn’t have minded a Red Tape, Robot World, or #5, but yeah I can’t complain too much about the songs that are off the table now.

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