2022/01/30 - The House of Blues - Cleveland, OH


House of Blues

Cleveland, OH

Set 1 (8:01): Educated Guess, Phil’s Farm, Sociable Jimmy > Pequod > Room To Breathe, Much Obliged > Piranhas¹, Looks² (9:05)

Set 2 (9:39): Wizard Burial Ground, Crucial Taunt, Night Nurse → No Diablo, Similar Skin → Gulf Stream > Pay the Snucka³ (10:50)

Encore (10:53): Hangover (11:02)


1 LTP 2018-06-02 (231 shows ago)

2 w/Thunder Kiss '65 (White Zombie) tease

2 w/Bark at the Moon, Crazy Train, Spirit of Radio, and YYZ? teases before Part III

Thanks @Stupac for updating via FB.


Piranhas Looks to end a set?



Weird looking set


UM is playing tonight?


Kris setlist? 8 song 65 min set? Eeehhh

I wonder how much research Stasik did pre-show tonight

231 show gap for Piranhas. (LTP 6-2-18)

Not long enough tbh


One time I thought they were gonna jam into tinkles similar to 2/3/11.

Wait I’m seeing a different band

This 2nd set flow looks odd. Looks like WBG got some improv? But things may be taking a dive after that…

No Diablo and Gulf Stream 2 songs later does not bode well for this second set…

That’s a weird looking show

Definitely the worst looking show of the weekend on paper. Curious what song was MVP of the evening. Phil’s or Much Obliged would be my guess.

MO hasn’t delivered a solid jam in years. Hopefully Phils. Maybe NN or SS

Setlist has Wizard > JO. That was my request for Detroit. I hope they actually gave it the treatment.

By guess I really meant preference. When was the last great MO?

16 minute Night Nurse looks heady. Anyone want to listen to it and let me know if it gets drums’d

Just listened. It does not get drums’d. Pretty great jam. Two different themes. It is missing a proper peak but it’s still fun. Would recommend listening.

Finally a jam in WBG. Not necessarily anything to write home about but cool to see them finally open it up. I requested a WBG w/improv for Detroit. Of course it comes the next night.


Pretty sure it was opened up before this weekend

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